Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Come, join the fun!!!

Live locally?
Need entertainment?
Be at BW3's tonight 6:30.

My little brother is turning 30 this week. His wife has requested the entire family to meet for dinner to surprise him. The "mafia" are his boys. This should be interesting.
Last time we had dinner in public with the mafia we had tantrums, food throwing, running, screaming and one child missing for 5 minutes before Brother and SIL realized he was gone. Other patrons moved across the restaurant so they wouldn't have to sit near us. Hubbs and my dad swore they would never be seen in public with them again.
I am dragging hubbs with me tonight, he is already angry about this. Tink will not be happy when I do not let her sit with the mafia tonight. My dad will end up angry when the mafia misbehaves. My mom will be trying to keep the peace. Brother & SIL will ignore all goings on of their mafia. I will end up threatening Tink at some point when she tries to get up to run with the mafia.
Brother does not want any type of recognition of his 30th birthday. He will be thrilled when he sees family waiting there with a cake and balloons.
Should be fun!!!!
Come, watch the fun unravel!!!

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