Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner out.

I survived dinner.

My brother had already figured out we would all be there by the time he arrived. He was not upset that we were all there.

Hubbs and I had a talk with Tink about what we expected of her before we ever left the house. She was great. Tink stayed in her seat, ate her food and was quiet and well mannered. She did stand on the bench once and dance along to a lively song on the radio. I pick my battles, this wasn't such a big deal. When the mafia started getting rowdy she asked to move to a chair away from them. Yep, I was one proud momma and told her so.

I got stuck sitting by my nephews. I was whacked in the head with a couple of flying toys before I gave my youngest nephew the look of death and my brother put a stop to the throwing. Little guy proceeded to throw a couple of tantrums, throw some food and kick anyone within foot range. SIL rewarded him with cake and lots of baby talk. My oldest nephew was surprisingly well behaved.

My brother swore he would pay me back after all the waitresses came out and sang Happy Birthday. Yep, I love him enough to publicly embarrass him. I'm a great sister!

BTW why oh why does hubbs insist on calling the place BW3s? It is Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill. There are not 3 w's in the name! Do other people actually call the place BW3s?

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Whitney said...

Yes they do. Everyone I talk to calls it that, and I have never been able to figure it out. I'm glad I am not the only one who didn't know this. Glad you survived.