Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Do List:

- take Tink and dogs for more walks

- buy more items that are lavender/vanilla scented - yummy!

- loose 10 lbs

- spend more time training new dog, Bo (walking on leash is good, ripping out rose bushes is bad)

- cherish every moment with Tink (even the ones when she is cranky or has attitude)

- file taxes

- bath dogs

- build more blanket forts

- clean house

- replant flower bed that new dog, Bo, has destroyed

- plant a garden

- go camping (in a tent, in the woods)

- find time to take care of a garden

- eat more veggies

- eat less fast food

- meet with girlfriends more often

- help old dog, Reese, loose 30 lbs

- spend lots of time at cabin

- have more tea parties

- sell house

- learn to cook (macoroni and cheese doesn't count)

- quit job to spend more time with Tink


Nana said...

Oh my, I just read about your stalker friend. He sounds like a doozy. Good luck on you to to list.

Good luck w/ new dog. ha ha ha

The Johnson 5 said...

Are you working on this list??

Or is this a wish list?? :)

I have a few of mine on your list.

You will get there girl, don't worry.
And honestly, I think if you get to do the last one, all the rest will fall into place. (You know because we know each other so well and everything, but that's just your girl Heidi's opinion :)

Fiauna said...

I wish I could find more lavender/vanilla scented products. I agree, it does smell yummy.