Friday, March 20, 2009

Grouchy mamaw

Mamaw just called me at work to talk for a minute. She had just gotten Tink and the Mafia down for their naps. While she was rocking the smallest mafia member to sleep, Tink and the older mafia were watching tv. My older nephew starting talking loudly for the umteenth time and Mamaw informed the kids she was getting pretty grouchy because they kept waking the little guy up. To which Tink asked "Mamaw, are you going to feel not grouchy after your nap?" Mamaw didn't see much humor in the question.

(Note to Tink: I doubt it honey. Mamaw may need meds to make her not grouchy.)

1 comment:

Fiauna said...

Too funny. I know I'll feel less grouchy after a nap.