Friday, August 28, 2009

Company retreat.

This past weekend my family and I joined my boss, my coworkers and their families for a weekend retreat in Ohio.
I was a bit sceptical of the plan.
Their would be twelve people on this adventure.
We would all get up early Saturday, drive two hours to Red Hill Farm Cabins, spend the day and night, then come home Sunday afternoon.
I spend my work week with these people, not that they aren't great, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend my weekend with them too.
The drive there was mostly interstate.
Tink was asking if we were there yet before we got 15 minutes down the road.
I put a movie in for her and handed her the DS, she didn't make another peep the entire drive.
When we pulled in the drive way of the cabins we were greeted by my boss his wife and three boys.
They helped us unload our car and showed us to the cabin we would be sharing with a coworker. Hubbs, Tink and I would be sharing a room. Hubbs decided this would be his bed.Tink and I would sleep here, on the other side of the room. No fighting Hubbs for covers all night? Not such a bad idea.Tink was more excited about the stuffed animals on the window seats than anything else. Until she found a playroom set up with antique, wooden kitchen appliances and furniture and baby carriages to play with. She was in heaven and still thinks my boss built the room just for her.After settling in we headed off to fish for a bit.This is where Hubbs spent most of his time.
There was also badminton, cornhole, soccer, bonfire building, lots of great food, even better desserts, alcohol, deer spotting and many laughs.

I have to say, it was a much better weekend than I expected. There is already talk of another retreat, maybe one that lasts 2 nights next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who was I making a quilt for?

Why for baby A of course! Our dear friends the Moores had this little darling just last week. Tink loves to visit and hold her. So do I.

And here is miss A on her new quilt.

She's a sweetie!!

My most recent craft project

Cut up some flannel and some minky chenille.
And sew it all back together.
And you get:
A pink and chocolate rag quilt.With a solid chocolate back.
It looks lumpy because it was thrown over the couch for the pics.
Now I need to make one for Tink and maybe some for Christmas gifts.

First soccer practice

The first day of soccer practice. Tink was scared for about a minute. Then Livy Bug and Boo started calling to her from the field and she took off running and found a place in line. Here she is third from the end in the blue shorts, right between Livy Bug and Boo.I thought they would be the only girls on the team. I was sooo wrong. Our team consists of 6 girls and 2 boys, our coach is a girl too. Girls Rule!! This is Tink and Boo learning to pass the ball. Sadly, I missed getting the girls when the enitre team was doing cartwheels later in practice. Newest rule in soccer: No cartwheels on the field.

Happy Birthday Tink!

My baby girl is growing up. Tink turned 4. We celebrated with a "cupcake" party in our front yard. We invited the entire family and Tink's two closest friends Boo and Livy Bug. It was a great party!

Can you see cousin Austin sporting the red mohawk in the background? Love his hair!That's me reading the cards to Tink.Livy Bug and Boo handed Tink the gifts and took all the paper to the trash. Gotta love the helpers! Tink FINALLY got her own umbrella. Thanks Nanna Laura, I'm sure someone in our house will be missing an eye before it's all over. Every time I turn around Tink is making up some kind of dance with the umbrella.I wanted a cute pic of Tink with her two best friends. This is what I got. Tink ran off laughing as soon as I snapped the pic and refused to take a new one. Silly girl!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No pics today

I found my camera and brought it to work so I could post some pics today. I just pulled it out of the case and realized I didn't bring the cord. No downloads today. Tomorrow I will try to bring the camera and the cord. Now I guess I need to actually do some work here and quit stocking, I mean reading, blogs and playing on facebook. Those darn Yo'ville and Farmville apps!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sorry I have been gone so much lately. I have been one busy girl! Busy doing what? I'm glad you asked.

Taking Tink to soccer practice.
Making a quilt.
Nursing a double inner-ear infection which included vertigo (not fun!)
Visiting my dear friend who just had a darling baby girl.
Cleaning up after a crated doggy with explosive diarrhea (also not fun!)
Getting ready for my weekend work retreat (doubtful this will be fun either.)
Taking Tink to work with me.
Getting Hubbs out the door on time for jury duty.
Trying to pry details out of Hubbs about trial he is on (he isn't budging!)
Dropping off truck for repairs and picking up rental.

I think that about covers it. I will post pics as soon as I remember where I put my camera. Well not pics of the sick doggy, NO ONE wants to see that!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The kid said what???

Here's some of the things I have heard this week. To see what everyone else had to say visit Cammie at

From Tink: When I get big like daddy I am gonna use my birthday money and buy a gun. The kind you pull the trigger and it goes booming. I'll have a pink one and a pink 4 wheeler to match.

Me: What are you going to hunt with your gun?

Tink: Deer.

Me: Are you going to kill the deer?

Tink: No, just skunks. I'll only kill skunks.

Tink: Mom, if you decide to have another baby I will name it Lou-o or Chewey or Casey.
(Ummm, ok. Luckily, for now there are no more kiddos in the plans.)

While at the mall the other day. "Mom, if I give you this look will you let me out of the stroller?" ("The look" was her lip sticking out in a pout.) Nope, but it did crack me up.

Yesterday was FILLED with attitude. My favorite was when I was picking her up after work. Tink was playing her DS and my oldest nephew was just waking up from his nap. They like to sit beside each other and play DS and sometimes just watch the other kid play their game. Tink moved over beside my nephew and asked if he wanted to watch her play. He told her no and started whining about her sitting next to him. Tink refused to move. A few minutes later my nephew decided he wanted to watch after all and he scooted closer to Tink. Tink looked at him and said "Oh, now you want to watch!" then she got up and marched away in a huff. It was hilarious.

I woke up this morning with Tink cuddled up next to me in my bed. When I climbed out of bed she woke up "Do I have soccer practice today?" I told her yes, we are going to the first soccer practice when I get home from work. "Well, I need to get up early to be ready for soccer." She didn't care that it wasn't for 10 hours. I hope she's still that excited when we get there.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My little furry visitor.

It came to my attention recently that we were having a visitor during the night at our house. This little furry, four legged, woodland, disease carrying creature was not welcome at our house. So, I called up my dad and requested the mouse traps he keeps stored in his garage for just these occasions.

I coated the trap with peanut butter and hid them from the dogs to wait. Two nights later there was a SNAP in the middle of the night. It woke me and I knew instantly what it was. He was caught.

Then came the most disturbing noise, a rattling, scraping sound. I jumped up and grabbed the flashlight to go inspect my catch. I found the little fella in the corner between the wall and the fridge. He was caught by a foot. He was slowly dragging the trap behind him, trying to find an escape.

This would not do. Surely the little guy would soon decide his foot was worth sacrificing and shew his way to freedom. That's the last thing I needed, a footless disease carrying mouse.

I knew what to do.

Wake Hubbs up to kill the mouse.

He simply mumbled something about it would be there in the morning, go to sleep.

SLEEP? With this in my house? Not gonna happen.

Plan B. I would pull mousy out with the end of my swiffer broom and trap him under a trash can.

Trap attached and all, that little sucker could run! Bo was up with me watching the entire ordeal and chased the mouse barking and trying to bite it. I pushed the dog out of the way and threw the can up side down over the mouse. Taken care of.

Bo and I headed back to bed then.

Until we heard the can scooting across the kitchen floor.

Ok, I would scoot him to the corner of the kitchen and put Hubbs work boots on top. That would keep him still. So, that's what I did. With a big note attached that said: LIVE MOUSE, PLEASE GET RID OF ASAP!!! Hubbs would see this in the morning and deal with it then. Easy peasy.

Back to bed.

Until, Bo went back flipped the can over and chased the mouse through my living room. He then caught the mouse, with trap still attached and chewed it a couple of times. I ran yelling at him and he dropped it. It started running at me, Bo grabbed it again and chewed it a couple more times. I yelled, he dropped it again and I covered it with the can.

All the commotion woke Hubbs. He stumbled in cussing me and the dog, hit the mouse with his work boot and threw it out the back door.

I never did go to sleep. I was up all night waiting for the mouse to come back.

The Kid Said What??

Stop over at Cammie's at to find out what other's people's kids said this week. Here's what happened at my house.

Tink on mine and Hubbs' anniversary. "Momma, today is my anniversorry too. Me and you are twins and we share everything, so it's my anniversorry too." Ummm, ok.

Tink to Daddy. "I got my birth ticket in the mail today, I can finish signing up for soccer now!" Yeah, that would be her birth certificate.

Last night we had friends over and I locked the dogs on the front porch while the kids played in the yard. As Tink walked up the front steps Maggie decided she could make her escape by jumping over the baby gate at the top of the steps. As she jumped over Tink was hitting the top step and they collided. Tink started to fall backwards down the 7 steps and I caught her by the arm. The entire incident scared the crap out of me and Tink, who started to cry. "Honey, you didn't fall, why are you crying?" Tink stopped long enough to tell me "I'm just so glad you saved me Mommy. You are my little peanut." This morning, she is still calling me "Little Peanut" instead of Mommy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8 years.

For our anniversary last night Hubbs and I went out to dinner. With Tink of course. We don't go anywhere without Tink.

We headed to my favorite mexican restaurant and I had the chicken chimichanga. There is no other option for me. It was delish! Hubbs had tacos and Tink had McDonald's. Everyone was happy.

I gave Hubbs the card I picked up and also the news about my company retreat later this month.

He liked the card but was less than thrilled about spending time with my boss and coworkers. He thought the Christmas dinner we endure every year was torture enough, now it's a weekend away with them. (Do you foresee lots of beer for Hubbs that weekend? Yeah, me too.)

After dinner we headed back home where I cleaned house and Hubbs sat on the front porch and watched Tink ride her four wheeler around the yard.

Later I commented to Hubbs that it doesn't feel like we have been married for 8 years already. He agreed, he says it feels more like 28. I'm not sure what he meant by that.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just realized today is my wedding anniversary. Eight years!!! It completely slipped my mind. I am on my way to the pharmacy down the street from my office now to pick up a card for Hubbs.

Hubbs and I actually talked about it the other day, so it's not like I TOTALLY forgot it. We decided not to get each other gifts, we thought a joint gift would be better. We would both like to have a hand held GPS. He will be taking it hunting and I would like to try geocaching. I think that would be a fun family activity. So, on our next trip to Cabellas we will pick up a GPS, if I don't find one online at a better price before then.

So, I am off to buy a card (shhh don't tell him I forgot!) and then maybe dinner out tonight.

Camping with the coworkers?

Today I just got the news at work that there will be a weekend company camping trip this month. It is not optional, I was told. I guess it's not technically "camping" as there will be 3 cabins rented for us. There are a total of 6 employees in the company I work for and we are bringing our families, so that means cabin sharing with someone. This should be interesting. I can't wait to see how this all pans out.