Friday, September 26, 2008

On our way again!

Ok, A and I are all packed up and ready to take off. As soon as I get off work that is. We will be headed to Myrtle Beach for a week.

I am soooo excited. A is too. The moment she woke up this morning she yelled "BEACH!!!" She has been bouncing off the walls ever since. As I left her at my mom's she was doing a little dance and singing about "going to the beach today!" (If you don't know her, she makes almost everything into a song.)

Sooo, over the next week I will endure 20+ hours in a car with a three year old and my parents. And we are sharing a room with my parents for the week. Should be interesting. Hopefully I will survive the trip. If I make it back I will post pics and tell you all about it. Have a great week!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I picked up A at my mom's after work yesterday to find 5 more bug bites on her legs. The poor little thing attracts bug bites like no one else! Well, actually like her dad. JP also attracts every bug within 30 miles the second he walks outside.

Of course my mom is sure I have fleas or spiders lurking all over my house that attack the second A steps into the house. We do have a dog, who gets flea control meds every month, but JP never gets these bites in our house, so I was a bit skeptical of this.

I did do the good mommy thing though. I went home and vacuumed my entire house and sprayed every carpet and piece of furniture with flea spray and tore my house apart looking for spiders. I found one. Of course one is too many! They totally freak me out! I also gave the dog another flea treatment although he wasn't due for one until next week.

She woke up fine this morning with no new bites. Thankfully!

We hadn't been at my mom's five minutes this morning when A came running back to me saying her leg was hurting. Sure enough she had a brand new bite. My mom started complaining about it again, blaming my dog. When I found the lovely little flea still on A's other leg. Hmmmm.

It turns out my grandad has been bringing his little dog to my mom's and she digs the entire time she is there. Seems to me that is the problem. Mom was freaking out, her immaculately clean house has fleas.

In the mean time poor little A is suffering with another bug bite. I am going to have to do something about the fleas tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Repost : Tagged

Ok, this is a re post from my old blog that I am getting rid of and thought I would share it and some others before I totally get rid of that blog. I was tagged to tell 10 weird facts about myself, so here goes.

1. I love flip flops. I prefer these over all other types of shoes. If there is no snow on the ground I can even be seen wearing them with socks to run across the yard to my parent's house in the winter.

2. I can't stand to have my belly button touched. It doesn't tickle, it just creeps me out so much that I can't stand it. J and A make it a point to touch my belly button every chance they get.

3. My toe nails are ALWAYS painted. It's just one of my weird things. I have ugly feet, but the toenails must be painted at all times. (BTW, this has rubbed off onto my kid, she insists that her toenails are always painted now too.)

4. I can't stand other people's toenails anywhere near me. If J's feet touch me and I can feel his toenails it totally creeps me out. I freak out. He totally doesn't get this and tells me I'm weird on a regular basis b/c of it.

5. A is my life. My biggest fear is something happening to her. I don't know what I'd do without her.

6. I am terrified of spiders. I scream like a little girl and yell for J when I see one.

7. When I swim in a lake, river or ocean if anything touches me under the water I freak out. I'm just sure it's jaws coming after me. I very rarely go in if I can't see the bottom.

8. When I go anywhere I always take way too much stuff. You never know what you are going to end up needing. First aid it. it. it. it. Jumper cables, tie downs, blanket, extra shoes, extra outfit, sunscreen, you name it, it's probably in the trunk. Trust me, being this "prepared" (it sounds better than obsessive compulsive) has come in handy more times than I can count.

9. I make lists. Store lists, things to do lists, things to pack for beach trip in July list. I have all kinds of lists.

10. I can't stand to touch raw meat. I always wear rubber gloves or plastic bags on my hands. J laughs every time I make hamburger patties. Even when we are camping I wear plastic baggies on my hands to make hamburger patties.

Ok, now everyone knows what a weirdo I am. Now I want to know about you guys.


If I know you in real life, there is a possibility that you will become blog fodder.
Just letting you all know ahead of time.
(Seriously, this means hubby, daughter, family, friends, coworkers, strange people at the gas station this are all going to be written about at some point.)
Love ya, mean it!

Good Luck Chuck

For those of you who have not watched the movie "Good Luck Chuck" Chuck is a guy who's ex-girlfriends marry the next guy they date after Chuck.

My office manager, I won't give his name for his sake, is sure he is the real life Good Luck Chuck.

We will soon see. His most recent ex has just started seeing someone.

I am told that if she marries this guy soon, my office manager is going to take out an ad in the local paper. He is going to advertise his services for women looking to get married soon.

If any such women read my blog and are interested in trying out the theory let me know, I may be able to set you up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jp is 29 now. His birthday was Sunday. His twin sister was able to get time off work at the last minute and suprised everyone by showing up on Sunday. We ended up having a small cake at his mom's with his parents and sister. Then we had a cake that A and I made him later that evening with my parents and a couple of friends. He was very happy that A and I bought him new camo hunting pants instead of a dress shirt and tie like we got him last year. (Trust me, he needed a new dress shirt and tie! Althought he has only worn it once.)

We also celebrated Miss Moore's 4th birthday over the weekend. A had tons of fun playing with Miss Moore and JP and I enjoyed visiting with the adults. It was a very nice day. I bought Miss Moore and A matching Hannah Montanna outfits, they are so cute. I think we are going to have their pics taken in them soon. I will have to post them when we get them taken.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner and a funeral.

Ok, we met the Moore's for dinner at BK. The girls had fun playing in the play place. I had a great time chatting with Mrs. Moore. She and Mr. Moore have agreed to become A's Godparents should anything ever happen to JP and I, god forbid. Yes, I know, these are morbid thoughts and a strange place to discuss such things. I worry about these things, I can't help it! Oh, and they are going to take care of the fish and frog when A and I go to the beach next week. Anyway, we had a lovely evening. I totally lost track of time and ended up running to Walmart to pick up breakfast items for today at 9pm.

After getting home and unpacking the groceries, which were packed in plastic bags because I had forgotten to return my reusable bags to my car after the last grocery trip!, I was going to feed the animals and get A ready for bed.

A's fish, Ruby, was dead. Dead! Floating at the top of her tank, with the frog! I was sure they were both goners. Luckily, Froggy was just resting or whatever it is he does. I found this very hard to tell A. I mean seriously, how many animals can a 3 year old lose in one year and still not need counseling?

I came up with some outrageous story about Ruby dying and us needing to flush her so that she can travel back to the ocean, so Nemo can try to make her better. Hopefully Ruby will meet us at the ocean when we get there next week and be all better and be happier living in the ocean. Even at 3, I am surprised she bought that story!

A and daddy flushed the fish while I cleaned the tank and gave Froggy new water. A misses the fish already. I have promised her a new fish when we get home from vacation.

Making plans

We have a really busy weekend planned. Again. We are going to A's best friend, Miss Moore's, 4th birthday party. She is such a little cutie and we are all excited to go to her party. Miss Moore was born on my hubby's birthday, so we have lots of partying to do this weekend.
Here is A and her best friend at the beach together. They love each other!
Now I just need to make some phone calls and get a cake baked for JP without him knowing I am having him a little party on Sunday. I just found out my mother-in-law isn't having a cake for JP this week. His twin sister can't make it in until the following weekend and she will have a cake for them then. The only problem is that A and I will be at the beach then. This will be the first birthday he has ever celebrated without his twin sister. So we will be singing Happy Birthday to JP only. Guess I need to get to work planning this last minute party!

House update #2

Ok, last night I painted a bedroom. It now needs trim a new light and flooring. Josh is working on trim in there tonight. I am going to paint the other bedroom tomorrow. We now have bathroom flooring and are going to install it and buy a toilet and sink this weekend. Things are coming together....slowly.

While I was painting last night JP ran down the street to pick up a few plumbing supplies his buddy (our plumber) had for us. He was only gone for a few minutes when A, who had been playing back and forth between the two bedrooms, came in to talk to me. She was talking while I was painting. First thing I knew, she was hanging off the back of the chair she had been sitting on and it was tipping backwards with her. She fell onto one of JP's tools and bruised her rids on her left side. A phone call to daddy brought an ice pack for us. She finally quit crying once we got some ice on it. When she was finished crying she told daddy it was my fault she got hurt, I wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. Of course I had previously told her 10 times not to stand on the back rungs of the chair and hang off of it. She sure knows how to make me feel bad!

I at first thought she had broken a rib and am thankful she just has some bruises. I have been giving her tylenol, but it is still sore today and will be for many days to come I am sure. Poor baby!

We are headed back there tomorrow to paint again. Let's hope for no more injuries. Tonight we need a break. A and I are having dinner at BK with our best friends, the Moore's, should be a nice evening.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new hobby....We will call it Food Critics Corner.

A and I went out to eat with my parents on Friday. A got to decide where we were eating. She choose Parkette. This is always a good choice.

I ordered the steak hoagie. My favorite. I have to say, I was very disappointed. It was the worst hoagie I have ever eaten. The waitress swears they are exactly the same as they have been for the last 40 years. She is wrong. The buns are different, the meat is different and there was very little cheese or peppers. It was really gross. I could hardly eat it. A says grilled cheese and fries are good. I only go there for hoagies, so I will not be going back any time soon.

My new favorite place for hoagies is Gourmet Cafe. It is run by the Lindsey brothers and their food is pretty darn good.

Other local restuarants coming soon.

Oh by the way, don't eat at the local Peking. The kitchen isn't fit to make food for my dog. Seriously, the health inspector should shut the place down. I could give details, but noone wants to read about it. Very gross!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Princess

A is a dancer at heart. Her body is in constant montion.

Yesterday I bought her a pair of ballet slippers. She, of course, had to put them on right away. As every ballerina knows you can't wear the slippers without the costume and crown. What started out to be a couple of pictures looking so sweet quickly turned into complete silliness.

That's my silly princess!


The countdown is on....

Only 14 days until Ainsley and I leave for the beach!!!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sissy and the Smart-mouth.

When I got home from work last night A wasn't ready to go home. She was playing in the front yard with my nephews and they were all having fun. A had taken her baby doll stroller and baby Soso (they all have weird names) to Grandma's in the morning and was now pushing it around the yard. My nephews decided they would gang up on her and take it away. I quickly stopped the argument that followed by producing another stroller and a shopping cart that the boys could push. This made everyone happy. The stroller path eventually grew to make a huge circle that covered the entire yard and went up a hill behind my house and down a road the goes beside my house. On one trip down the road my oldest nephew and A were running down the road into my rock driveway and his shopping cart got stuck and he flew over it landing in the rocks. From across the yard I was watching as A stopped next to him and says "Yeah, you really are a sissy." The nephew was too involved in picking up his toys that spilled out of the buggy to pay attention to her. A waited a second and repeated "Yeah, you really are a sissy aren't you?" He instantly got mad and shoved her in the back. A sat on the grass to pout. The nephew then sat down in front of her and they had a discussion I could not hear. They were soon friends again and pushing their toys around the yard. I didn't mention to A that I had witnessed the event.

I hope my daughter learns how to fight soon. Looks like she's going to need to know how if she is going to keep being a smart mouth.