Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner and a funeral.

Ok, we met the Moore's for dinner at BK. The girls had fun playing in the play place. I had a great time chatting with Mrs. Moore. She and Mr. Moore have agreed to become A's Godparents should anything ever happen to JP and I, god forbid. Yes, I know, these are morbid thoughts and a strange place to discuss such things. I worry about these things, I can't help it! Oh, and they are going to take care of the fish and frog when A and I go to the beach next week. Anyway, we had a lovely evening. I totally lost track of time and ended up running to Walmart to pick up breakfast items for today at 9pm.

After getting home and unpacking the groceries, which were packed in plastic bags because I had forgotten to return my reusable bags to my car after the last grocery trip!, I was going to feed the animals and get A ready for bed.

A's fish, Ruby, was dead. Dead! Floating at the top of her tank, with the frog! I was sure they were both goners. Luckily, Froggy was just resting or whatever it is he does. I found this very hard to tell A. I mean seriously, how many animals can a 3 year old lose in one year and still not need counseling?

I came up with some outrageous story about Ruby dying and us needing to flush her so that she can travel back to the ocean, so Nemo can try to make her better. Hopefully Ruby will meet us at the ocean when we get there next week and be all better and be happier living in the ocean. Even at 3, I am surprised she bought that story!

A and daddy flushed the fish while I cleaned the tank and gave Froggy new water. A misses the fish already. I have promised her a new fish when we get home from vacation.


Toad's Lair said...

Oh, poor little Ruby. I had my fish Clyde for three years and when he died I cried for days. I'm not sure I personally am able to have more fishies 'cause they'll break my heart.

I just hope A forgets that creative story you told her by the time you get to the beach! :)

I'm just me... said...

She hasn't forgotten yet. She is sure she will see Ruby and Nemo when we get there. She thinks they may be living at an aquarium that we have seen pics of and are planning to visit. I just hope they have some small red fish that I can claim are Ruby. Luckily she is no longer upset over losing Ruby.

Personally I am hoping the frog and dog live for a very long time, I can't handle another animal death anytime soon.

Tales from a 30 year old gal.... said...

Ok this is way too funny or morbidly weird not to share with my girls.

Today I was out back planting some shrubs, I had to move one (things are crazy back there since the remodeling started) anyways, I was digging away and I dug up a walmart back, immediatly I knew what it was. Inside was a crumbling check box with the remains of Arryns hamster Snuggles that passed away in 2004. The only thing really left was the thigh bones and part of the washcloth she was wrapped in!

I totally forgot that I had moved her stone but didnt move her "casket" like I told them I did!

YIKES, needless to say I had a private reburial this afternoon, marker and all.....somewhere buried in the yard is Gerald his hermit crab!

I thought this was a fine story for your blog D about dying fish.

I'm just me... said...

EEEWWWWW! B that's gross! Funny too.
I am so sorry you dug up Snuggles. We now have an entire graveyard of past animals at our house. Very sad. There was no way I was going to bury Ruby. In fact I have refused to visit our pet cemetary since I burried Noah.

Tales from a 30 year old gal.... said...

I dread the day the dog or cat die. We had a full on wake compelte with euglogy and flowers for Gerald (the crab). It was winter to so there we were standing out in the snow buring an earring box holding that poor thing.

It was crazy though because it lived for almost 2 years, I have never heard of a crab living that long!

So far for us it is just the crab, the hamster, and chubbly the fat gold fish, but I know where he is buried, we put a cross up there.