Friday, September 26, 2008

On our way again!

Ok, A and I are all packed up and ready to take off. As soon as I get off work that is. We will be headed to Myrtle Beach for a week.

I am soooo excited. A is too. The moment she woke up this morning she yelled "BEACH!!!" She has been bouncing off the walls ever since. As I left her at my mom's she was doing a little dance and singing about "going to the beach today!" (If you don't know her, she makes almost everything into a song.)

Sooo, over the next week I will endure 20+ hours in a car with a three year old and my parents. And we are sharing a room with my parents for the week. Should be interesting. Hopefully I will survive the trip. If I make it back I will post pics and tell you all about it. Have a great week!


kylah'smommy said...

Have a safe, fun trip!! :o)

Tales from a 30 year old gal.... said...

Have fun and relax, you derserv it!