Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night Tink came in with a story to tell me. (BTW, there is always a story to be told or song to be sang or dance to be watched at our house.)

Tink: I was in my room with Bo and he was lovin' on me and licked my leg, so I licked his head.

Me: You licked the dog?

Tink: Yep. We were lovin' on each other.

Me: Next time, let's not LICK the dog. Okay?

Later, Tink was playing on the front porch while I washed dishes. Tink came inside with her new High School Musical hairbrush.

Me: What are you doing out there sweetie?

Tink: I was brushing Maggie with my new brush.

Me: You brushed the dog with your hair brush?

Tink: Yeah, I was being really thoughtful to Maggie and brushed her.

Me: That was very thoughtful. Next time you should let me know and I will get the doggy brush for you.

I'm pretty sure this is at least partly my fault. I treat the dogs like part of the family and call them the kids. I think we need some rules on doggy lovin' and grooming put in place around our house. Wouldn't you agree?

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's FINALLY over!

Tink survived recital.

Night three was much like night two. Tink went onto the stage, but stood there with her fingers in her mouth and didn't move.

Saturday night, night four, was a shocker.

The woman lining up the girls on Tink's side of the stage decided Tink should the last girl on stage instead of the first. She put Tink in charge of making sure all the girls got out onto the stage. Tink started to climb up me, but I told her she would do great and made my escape to the opposite side of the stage. I knew if I stayed with her she would not go onto stage. I don't know if it was thinking she was in charge, not being the first girl on stage, or just getting over the stage fright, but Tink was much more confident once I left her.

Imagine my surprise when Tink marched onto stage and began dancing. In fact, all the girls in her class danced that night. It was the cutest dance I have ever seen! Eight little pink tutued darlings marching, spinning and sliding in different directions. They stole the entire show. It was AWESOME!

I am one proud mama.

I am also thankful it is over with.

I have pics, I will have to post those later.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Two down, two to go.

We survived night two of recital.

Tink went onto the stage!

She stood there with her fingers in her mouth and didn't dance.

I was still one proud mama.

I was only joking about showing up drunk. I don't drink (unless you count the wedding last summer when I got smashed for the first time. Not pretty, btw.)

Ok, so tonight is night three and hopefully Tink will go on stage again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm still here. Tink and I didn't run off to the beach like I had threatened we would.
I now wish we had.

This week is Tink's dance recital.

Monday night we had rehearsal on the big stage. Tink walked out onto the stage with her class, but didn't do any dancing.

Last night was the first night of recital. Tink too two steps onto the stage and made a u-turn. She hid at the edge of the stage and peeked around the curtain to see the audience and her class. When the song was over she did follow the other girls across the stage to exit on the other side. It was pretty cute. And funny.

So for the next three nights we will be at recital. I am a back stage mom, so I have the honor of entertaining 8 2-3 year olds for about 3 1/2 hours each night. Last night was filled with 3 clothes changes for each kid, makeup application for each kid, 3 bathroom trips with the whole gang, snacks and drinks, making sure the two who wander off are still with us and having everyone ready for curtain call. Fun stuff! Luckily I have two other moms there to help me.

Hopefully at some point Tink will venture out onto the stage. I don't even care if she dances, I will be happy if she just goes out.

Will it look bad if I show up backstage tonight drunk? Just wondering.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't think I could handle another work day this week!

It's been a crazy week here.

What have I been doing?

House training Maggie May. (MUCH time standing outside in the rain during MANY potty trips.)

Crate training Maggie May. (MANY sleepless nights listening to her bark.)

Chasing Bo after he ran off one morning as I was taking Maggie out and getting ready to leave for work.

Having a flat as I was leaving for work. (Twice!)

Prying a crying Tink off my leg at dance class. (Luckily recital is this coming week and she doesn't have to go back after that.)

Planning a dinner for MIL's birthday. (Not easy to get all of Hubbs' siblings and their spouses together.)

Feeling like crap with all the bloating and cramps that come along when Mother Nature visits. (TMI? Sorry!)

Getting Hubbs packed and on the road for his buddy's weekend long, camping, four wheeler riding, bachelor party. (Let's just hope he wears the helmet Tink and I bought him for Father's Day and gave him early!)

Finding the perfect outfit to give niece Sara's for her second birthday, only to find one of my SIL's bought the exact same outfit for her. Now I have to shop again before Sunday to exchange it for something else.


I'm ready for a vacation! I told Hubbs he may be surprised when he comes home on Sunday. I may just pack up Tink and the dogs and run off to live on the beach while he is gone. A girl can dream!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

vocabulary lesson of the day by Tink.

weirdishly: as in - There are lots of weirdishly signs up right now (political signs made for candidates in a local election.)

forout: as in - I don't want you to leave forout me (no matter how many times I tell her the word is without she still says forout.)

mysterious: as in - The stuff on this bagel tastes very mysterious (apparently she doesn't like strawberry cream cheese.)

buttling: as in - Momma, can you come in here and wipe my buttling (no idea why she calls her tushie her buttling!)

loveabled: as in - Momma, you are so loveabled!

Now, you are a little more versed in Tink talk.