Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night Tink came in with a story to tell me. (BTW, there is always a story to be told or song to be sang or dance to be watched at our house.)

Tink: I was in my room with Bo and he was lovin' on me and licked my leg, so I licked his head.

Me: You licked the dog?

Tink: Yep. We were lovin' on each other.

Me: Next time, let's not LICK the dog. Okay?

Later, Tink was playing on the front porch while I washed dishes. Tink came inside with her new High School Musical hairbrush.

Me: What are you doing out there sweetie?

Tink: I was brushing Maggie with my new brush.

Me: You brushed the dog with your hair brush?

Tink: Yeah, I was being really thoughtful to Maggie and brushed her.

Me: That was very thoughtful. Next time you should let me know and I will get the doggy brush for you.

I'm pretty sure this is at least partly my fault. I treat the dogs like part of the family and call them the kids. I think we need some rules on doggy lovin' and grooming put in place around our house. Wouldn't you agree?


Fiauna said...

I just loved that she was saying "lovin on". That's too cute!

The Johnson 5 said...

she is SO sweet! We also treat our dogs like family and my daughter is always rolling around on the floor with them and letting them lick her ALL OVER!

It gets a little gross sometimes.
But what'cha gonna do, it's all about the lovin!!