Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't think I could handle another work day this week!

It's been a crazy week here.

What have I been doing?

House training Maggie May. (MUCH time standing outside in the rain during MANY potty trips.)

Crate training Maggie May. (MANY sleepless nights listening to her bark.)

Chasing Bo after he ran off one morning as I was taking Maggie out and getting ready to leave for work.

Having a flat as I was leaving for work. (Twice!)

Prying a crying Tink off my leg at dance class. (Luckily recital is this coming week and she doesn't have to go back after that.)

Planning a dinner for MIL's birthday. (Not easy to get all of Hubbs' siblings and their spouses together.)

Feeling like crap with all the bloating and cramps that come along when Mother Nature visits. (TMI? Sorry!)

Getting Hubbs packed and on the road for his buddy's weekend long, camping, four wheeler riding, bachelor party. (Let's just hope he wears the helmet Tink and I bought him for Father's Day and gave him early!)

Finding the perfect outfit to give niece Sara's for her second birthday, only to find one of my SIL's bought the exact same outfit for her. Now I have to shop again before Sunday to exchange it for something else.


I'm ready for a vacation! I told Hubbs he may be surprised when he comes home on Sunday. I may just pack up Tink and the dogs and run off to live on the beach while he is gone. A girl can dream!!!


Megryansmom said...

Hi Denise,

I received your bracelet and I love it, it's absolutely beautiful! I'm posting a pic right now :)

Anonymous said...

There have been days in my life that found me sitting in my car with my hands on the steering wheel, imagining where I could go...where I'd be tomorrow...where I'd be when I ran out of gas and money.....and I always got it out of my system without even having a car key in my hand.