Monday, June 15, 2009

It's FINALLY over!

Tink survived recital.

Night three was much like night two. Tink went onto the stage, but stood there with her fingers in her mouth and didn't move.

Saturday night, night four, was a shocker.

The woman lining up the girls on Tink's side of the stage decided Tink should the last girl on stage instead of the first. She put Tink in charge of making sure all the girls got out onto the stage. Tink started to climb up me, but I told her she would do great and made my escape to the opposite side of the stage. I knew if I stayed with her she would not go onto stage. I don't know if it was thinking she was in charge, not being the first girl on stage, or just getting over the stage fright, but Tink was much more confident once I left her.

Imagine my surprise when Tink marched onto stage and began dancing. In fact, all the girls in her class danced that night. It was the cutest dance I have ever seen! Eight little pink tutued darlings marching, spinning and sliding in different directions. They stole the entire show. It was AWESOME!

I am one proud mama.

I am also thankful it is over with.

I have pics, I will have to post those later.

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The Johnson 5 said...

I'm so happy for her and you :)

She did it on her own time, she is SO a woman!!