Friday, July 25, 2008

Going to the beach again

I am going to the beach again!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Not until October, but I am going again! I can already feel the sun on my face, the salty wind in my hair and the sand between my toes. I can't wait!!!

I guess I should explain. My parents are avid Harley riders, which is a story for another time, and travel to Myrtle for Bike Week twice a year. This is not the stay at a dinky apartment and bring your own towels and sheets, eat pb&j for lunch, clean the place yourself kinda trip that J the baby and I just took. This is a stay ocean front in a brand new condo with a maid and dinner at nice restaurants kinda trip that my empty nest parents can now afford. I have never had this kind of trip before, not even when I lived at home.

Any whoooo.... My mom is my babysitter. It was agreed when I negotiated coming back to work here, if my mom couldn't watch A, I needed time off. So, since I am going to be off work anyway and my parents have an extra bed they have offered A and I a free trip to the beach. I will only have to pay for our food. J will stay home to work and take care of our dog.

J does not see this as fair, I on the other hand see nothing wrong with it. Seeing how he takes two weeks off to hunt every Nov and stays at his family's hunting cabin the whole time and does not feel one bit of guilt with leaving me take care of everything. I think I am entitled to this vacation.

A and I will play on the beach all day and will have three pools in our building and a large park next door. We will also have the truck to travel wherever we want as my parents will be traveling on their bikes the entire time.

I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Enough already!

I am soooo going to need another vacation soon! After my vacation to the beach my office manager needed a vacation. So, this week he is off. Which is fine by me, I can handle things here alone. Or so I thought!

This week has been the week from hell! Fist the storage units behind my office were vandalized over the weekend, so I had to file a police report on those Monday morning. Tuesday morning the front window in my office was shattered by a rock, which led to another police report. Today my office was contaminated by head lice, so that called for a total spray down with RID. Lets not forget to mention the 3 policies that I issued this week for J's customers on top of the ones who called and need something asap and the lunch meeting with company reps that I had to fill in for the owner for. I still have a ton of crap piled on my desk that I am never going to get to this week!

I REALLY need another vacation!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random stuff about my kid

My daughter is always saying the cutest things. She is so innocent in her thinking. I love that about her.

At the recent funeral of an uncle, A was confused about the whole event. During our hike to find the spot my uncle had chose to be buried A kept asking why we were there. I told her we were there for Uncle Warren's funeral. She looked so innocent when she hugged me around the neck and said "Momma, I don't know what that is, can you talk to me about it?" No matter how many times you explain death to a child so young it is not every really understood. I think this is because at this age reality and her imagination are all somewhat intertwined.

Yesterday evening while I was changing the sheets on her bed she came in to help me. She watched me tucking the sheets for a couple of minutes then told me "I want to help you, but I don't know exactly what you are doing."

During her bath before bed last night I heard her telling J that he was not washing her hair right. "Mommy always washes my hair first and uses the orange cup." Of course I was loving this, J - not so much. It seems the way I do things or what I say is the only way things are to be done. Unfortuantely for me the Mommy worship won't last forever.

A is going to turn 3 this week. I am loving this stage in her life where we can have an intelligent conversation, but she is still so very innocent. I am meeting this birthday with mixed emotions.

The beach

I just realized I have not yet written anything about my beach trip.

It was a fabulous trip and A and I hated to come home. That about sums it up.

We shared a two bedroom apartment with friends of ours around the corner from the boardwalk in downtown Ocean City, MD for 8 days. The guys have known each other since grade school and have always been best friends. Mr Moore finally got smart and married Mrs Moore instead of one of the sleazy girls he dated for years. Since having kids, Mrs Moore and I have become close friends and is the closest friend that I have. Our girls are a year apart, but are best friends.

We really didn't do much on this vacation. We did take a boat ride to Assateague Island to see the ponies one afternoon and played putt-putt once. The guys rented a boat to fish in the bay two days and other than that we sat on the beach,collected sea shells, played in the waves, ate at some really good little restaurants and walked on the boarkwalk in the evenings. It was lovely! The last morning there A cried that she wanted to live there forever. I could only agree with her. I also want to live at the beach forever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"The Classic"

Wow. What a weekend!

A few weeks ago my favorite uncle died. This was a very sad event that I had secretly been expecting for quite some time.

I will start out by saying that he has always been my favorite uncle. He was part indian with the dark reddish skin, black hair and high cheekbones and an alcoholic and had been as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of him staying with us on weekends when I was a small child, my aunt would drop him off at our house with a fifth of Jack and some Coke on their way in from the mountains. He would sit in the kitchen and tell stories while empting out his pockets of change to me. I would fall asleep listening to his laughter, hugging my piggy bank that was by then full.

He was a redneck through and through. I will forever remember him wearing his cut-off jean shorts with his white tee shirt flung over one shoulder and no shoes on and a rolled up bandanna wrapped around his head.

In my teenage years he embarrassed me terribly. Everytime I would introduce a new boyfriend to the family he would always end up giving them the drunken speach about what a "Classic" he was and invite the new guy to have a drink and smoke a little "mary jane" with him. I would be extremely embarrassed and stomp out of the house with my new guy trailing behind.

The life long party eventually took it's toll. Last fall he was told he had cancer. My aunt and uncle decided it was time to move back to Clarksburg from Durbin to live closer to our family and his doctors. He fianlly gave up the fight at the end of June. He asked to be creamated and his ashes burried beside a certain rock on a mountain where he liked to bear hunt in the mountains.

Saturday, after a 4 hour drive and a two mile hike, Ainsley and I and 25 other family and friends travelled to Durbin, WV and visited his rock on the side of the mountain. What a view! I can see now why he loved that special place. The service was a simple prayer and a few stories relived by family members remembering his generousity and never ending smile. One of the trademark bandannas was tied around a standing rock after his ashes were poured into a hole in the bottom of the rock.

Although this was a very sad occassion, there was more laughter than there were tears. Every person who was there had been influenced by him in some way. There were no fancy flowers, nice clothes or church organs playing during this funeral. Just some hand picked daisies, muddy shoes and a shot of whiskey or two. It was very fitting and he would have liked it just fine.

I will miss you forever Uncle Warren, you certainly were a "classic"!