Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad mommy.

In the car last night Tink told me she wanted to change shirts when we got home (she was on outfit number 3 already.) I told her no, but she could wear it today. She started to pout. "You were the best momma ever all day, now you aren't anymore." I had to laugh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art time!!!

I have found a new mess free solution to painting at our house.

Tink ALWAYS wants to paint. She ALWAYS ends up spilling either the paint or the water.

Last night after dance she begged to paint. I was not in the mood to clean up another mess.

The solution?

Putting the kid and the paint along with paper and everything else to go with it in the empty bathtub to do the painting.

I made her strip down and wear one of JP's work shirts so there were no stains on good clothes. (I tried letting her paint naked, but she got a bit chilly, so we opted for daddy's shirt.)

She got tired of painting the paper and painted the inside of the tub. Did I get mad? Nope, not me.

When she was done I simply took her shirt off and gave Tink and the tub a nice shower.

Easy peasy!!!

There may be more art time in Tink's near future. Fun for her and a couple loads of clothes folded without worrying what she is doing. Win for everyone.

Why don't I carry my camera in my purse???

I took Tink to dance class last night in the middle of a down pour. The rain stopped as we were getting off the interstate and the sun began to shine. The most beautiful rainbow appeared before us.
Tink started yelling as soon as she saw it. "Look, mom...look, look, look! It's a rainbow!!!!"

"That's really beautiful Tink."

"Rainbows make me happy. Look how big I'm smiling!" And indeed she did have a huge smile on her face.

I'm pretty sure God sent that rainbow to make us both smile.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reese 4/23/00 to 4/21/09

Today there is another angel dog in Dog Heaven.
Yesterday we lost our sweet Reese to cancer.
He was a much loved member of our family.

Even though Reese loved JP the best, he was my baby too. Reese was always there to lay beside me when I was on bed rest with Tink. He was my protector when JP was out of town on hunting trips or working. Reese loved on Tink as she learned to crawl and then walk and later let her dress him up in her jewelry and crowns so they could be princesses together. He laid by my feet for weeks as we mourned the loss of our sweet Noah together. He was ever patient when Bo pounced on him with all the playfulness of a young dog, even though he was old and sick.
We love you Reese! You will always be our first baby.

Tink with Reese and Noah, Christmas 2006

Tink with Reese and Noah, summer 2007

Tink with Reese and Noah, Christmas 2007. We lost Noah only weeks after this photo was taken.

Reese with Tink, summer 2008.

Best of buddies!!

Tink really loves her "Reesey brother"!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Stop by The Meanest Mom and see what she is giving away for Mother's Day. If you don't see anything you would like to win, enter anyway, if you win you can always send it over to me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovin my life!!!

The things that are making me smile:

Last night I took Tink and Bo for a walk. As we walked down the country road we live on Tink and I enjoyed the new spring flowers and trees that are starting to bud. On the way home we stopped at the creek at the bottom of the hill we live on. Tink loves throwing rocks into the creek. Bo turned into a wild man and almost pulled me into the creek trying to catch the splashes from Tink's rocks. It was a delightful walk.

Right now there are customers in my office meeting with my office manager. I thought the husband and wife were going to get into a fight trying to figure out if the husband was a "jr" or "the second." They are totally cracking me up!

Today is Friday. This means I have the weekend to spend with Tink.

The sun is shining!

Tink slept most of the night in her own bed last night. (Lately she has been refusing to sleep in her room. She only sleeps with her arms wrapped around my neck.) Hopefully by Monday she will be in her own bed all night long. (Not that I don't love cuddling with her, but I can't move in my bed!)

I had Chick-fil-a for lunch, with sweet tea!!

My cute sequenced shoes and jingly bracelet scream SUMMER!

I curled my hair this morning and it looked CUTE! I haven't dared look in the mirror lately, I feel like it looks cute, so that's all that matters.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pay it forward and a giveaway.

If you were one of my pay it forward winners, I have not forgotten you. I started working on your gifts last night. They will be done soon and then I will ship them off to you. I am waiting until I have them all finished before I mail any of them.

If you were not one of my winners, but would like a surprise gift leave me a message. I will draw one name for a home made gift made especially for you. I will let Tink draw the name on Monday 4/20, so leave me some comment love to be entered.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be gone you blinding white glare!!!

Ok, I did it.
I broke out the self tanner today.
I HATE self tanner.
I also hate the idea of skin cancer that seems to run in my family (my mom and granny both have had it.) So, I avoid the tanning bed and wear sunscreen when I'm outside.
The youngest mafia member (my nephew H) is having his birthday party at the YMCA pool this weekend. This means I have to put a swim suit on my needstoloosetenpounds body, because each little one must have an adult with them. Tink is very excited about the pool party. I am not so excited about having my oversized, pasty body exposed to everyone.
Hence the self tanner.
As of now I can't tell I even applied it this morning. Hopefully after a couple more applications I will look a bit more tan. What's the worst that can happen? I can end up with orangeish zebra stripes. Even that will surely take away from my extra ten pounds!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As you can tell Bo has made himself at home in our house. He is now a member of the family and even sneeks into bed with us as often as he can get by with it. Sadly, he doesn't like having his picture taken and hides every time I start snapping photos.

Dance photos

I needed a photo for Tink's dance recital program book. I decided to take the photos myself. Here is what our photo session looked like.

Easter fun

Eggs colored by Tink and mommy at Livy Bug's house.

Easter morning after the Easter Santa, I mean Bunny's visit.

Momma's famous french toast for breakfast.

Tink in her Easter dress.

More gifts at Mamaw's.

Egg hunting with the mafia.

The day ended with cookies made by Tink and daddy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, we survived another virus at our house. Tink is fianlly feeling better!

Tink and I played Littlest Pet Shop and baby dolls every day this week. We also did a lot of cuddling and took afternoon naps together. It was quite a nice week even if we were cooped up inside the house all week with very limited adult conversation and lots of whining.

Yesterday evening I dressed Tink in her dance leotard and took her to dance class. I didn't tell any of the other moms she had been sick all week. Yes, I know, not nice! You don't understand! If I was forced to have one more conversation in a funny voice with little petshop animals I don't know what I would have done!

Tonight we are headed over to Livy Bugs to color easter eggs and eat pizza.

Then it's a long weekend of eggs hunts, good food and playing with cousins.

Let the fun begin!!!!

P.S. Don't be suprised if you see Tink wearing a mazmat suit the next time you see us in public. Maybe she will stay healthy longer!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday funday

Tink's allergy apt was interesting. The poor little thing ended up with 61 injections that covered her entire back. She sat very still for the first two, then I had to hold her down for the next 59 while she wiggled and cried. By the end of the visit it was determined she is allergic to mold and johnson grass. What the heck is johnson grass and how do you tell it from any other type of grass? The treatment is comprised of allegra, nasonex and astelin.

The next day we ventured to Walmart to get groceries and have the astelin filled. While there I caught Tink licking the buggy rail. She is now sick with diarrhea and a fever. Guess we are lucky it wasn't eboli or the plague.

I tried to call off this morning to stay home with her and was told I needed to be here to cover while the office manager and the owner went to a meeting. So, Tink and I came in for a bit until they make it back here then we are headed home for the rest of the day. Before we leave here I'm going to make sure Tink breathes germs on everything in their offices, just to be sure we spread the wealth. Maybe they will think twice about making me come in with a sick baby!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Off again

I swear I am keeping the doctors in this town in business!!!

Today Tink is off to see the allergy dr. Her ent (ear, nose & throat dr) and pediatrician think she may have allergies causing all her ear and sinus problems. And if we don't get the fluid to drain off her ears soon the ent is going to put tubes in. So, allergy testing is being done today.

I am not looking forward to this.

Last night I tried explaining to her what to expect. I told her she will be stuck in her back, but it won't be extremely painful. I also assured her she can sit in my lap and we will take her lovey blanket and a toy and some things to keep her distracted like her DS and ipod (she calls her Barbie Girl an ipod.) She is very brave, so we will get through it.

I just hope I wasn't lying about the not painful part!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The silent treatment

That hubbs of mine. That guy sure knows how to make me mad.

Why you ask. Let me tell you.

Last night I get home from work, let the dogs out, grab Tink at my mom's house, run across the yard, let the dogs in, change Tink into dance clothes, change out of my work clothes into jeans, grab a snack for Tink, feed the dogs and back out the door again to get to dance class all in 30 minutes. Made it with 3 minutes to spare before class starts.

After class I stop at Wendy's to get us all something to eat. Get home and hubb's buddy is there and they are target practicing at our shooting range. Hubbs eats then they go back out to the shed to check out four wheeler and bs.

At 9:00 I realize I forgot to pick up dog food on my way home and I fed the dogs the last of the food for dinner. Tink was already in jammies and didn't want to go back out. I yelled outside to see if hubbs and his buddy could come inside to bs and watch Tink while I ran out. To which he replied "Since when does Tink get everything she wants?" Jackass!!!

I had to throw a pair of sweats on over a very tired and cranky Tink's jammies and drag her back out to the store with me. I can't believe he acts like that. Needless to say he is now getting the silent treatment. I don't trust myself to talk to him right now.