Friday, August 29, 2008

Please don't make me go!

Lately I find it harder and harder to make myself come to work. I would much rather be at home with A.

Friday, August 15, 2008

House update

Well, as you may or may not know. We moved from our house in town last fall. We now live beside my parents in the country. Our plan has been to sell the house in town and use the extra money from the sale to pay off our new place and a few other bills so I can quit my job and stay home for a little while and persue a job in education that I would enjoy very much.

Getting the house in town ready to sell has taken much longer than I had anticipated. I was thinking a couple of months and it would be gone. It has been almost a year and we still aren't ready to put it on the market.

This week I have seen the most evidence of improvement. I know work has been going on before, but every time I visited there it was a bigger mess than the last time. At this point the electric has been replaced, all new drywall has been hung and is currently being finished, the kitchen and bathroom are empty. I painted three rooms and we are now putting trim up in those rooms. I still need to paint 4 rooms and I am going to start painting trim this weekend and then we need to replace fixtures in the bathroom and shop for kitchen cabinets and flooring for the whole house. Next weekend we have a friend bringing in a small dozer to level the back yard.

I'm getting excited. Hopefully we can get it on the market soon.

Around my house

* While getting ready for work, with a terrible sinus infection.

A: Momma, I made you some turkey breast soup. It will help you feel better. Try some.

Mom: Wow, that is really good. (while eating my pretend soup)

A: Do you fell better now?

Mom: You made me feel much better. (I didn't tell her it was her thoughtfullness, not the pretend soup, that made me feel better.)

* In the car with my family this weekend going to dinner.

Mom: A, where do you want to eat dinner?

A: Well......what are my options?

Mom (to dad): What did she say?

Dad: She wants to know what her "options" are.

Mom: That's what I thought.

* While cleaning out my closet.

Mom: A, what are you doing in there?

A: I'm improvising.

Mom: Really? (thinking she has no clue what improvising means.)

A: See this magic wand? (waving her pink wand with butterflies and ribbons hanging from it) It's my gun and I'm going bear hunting. I'll be back later. (skips off down the hall with her wand over her shoulder reciting the song "Goin' on a bear hunt")

Happy Birthday Tink!

My baby recently turned 3.
This is hard for me to believe. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was pregnant with A. At the same time it is sometimes hard for me to remember her at any stage other than like she is now. What did I do before she could talk? I can hardly remember a time when she couldn't walk or follow me around the house "helping." I have no idea what life was like before we had her. Our lives were half empty and we didn't even know it.
I am so blessed to be her mommy!
I love you Tink!