Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of options.

Well. I just got some shocking news. I am being replaced at my office.

Let me tell you why I am shocked.
For 3 1/2 years I have been working Mon-Fri 10-5. This allowed me extra time with Tink in the mornings. Over the summer I talked to my boss and my office manager and discussed changing my hours to 8-2 Mon-Thurs and 8-5 on Fri once Tink started school. I was told this would be great. They said they are busier in the mornings than the late afternoon and this would be the perfect solution.

School started, I told my Mom I didn't need her to sit for Tink any day other than Fri and she made other plans for her time. I changed my hours and enrolled Tink in soccer and dance class.

Now I am told the new hours aren't working out for my office. They are so busy that they can't manage without someone in the afternoons. If I can't make other plans for Tink in the afternoons and work all day every day I am going to be replaced with someone who can work full time.

At this point I have no other options for Tink and I am looking for a new JOB.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me Monday!

It's been a while since I've played along with Mckmama's Not Me Monday. I think maybe today I need a little free therapy. Check out the others play along!

I did not take down and sell Tink's baby bed/toddler bed at a consignment sale this past weekend without having a new bed for her to sleep in.

I did not put up Tink's play yard, that she has outgrown, and make her sleep in it last night so I could get some sleep without her attached to my neck since she still does not have a new bed.

I did not call Hubbs from the mall on Sat and threaten to divorce him if he didn't show up within 25 minutes to pick Tink and I up to rescue us from my family.

I did not tell my mom that if my nephews play soccer next year I will not let Tink be on the same team with them.

I did not have to pick Tink up at school last week after she puked all over herself, the hallway and Nie her teacher.

I did not have to lay across Tink and have three nurses help hold her down so blood could be drawn at the dr.

Just because Hubbs insisted he did not want a birthday gift I did not forget to buy his sister something. They are twins for crying out loud! How could I forget that?

Nope, not me!

My crappy weekend.

Well. I have been in the crappiest mood this weekend. I am sure it is everyone else who is making me cranky. Hubbs says it's just me being crabby. I think I should just boycott everyone who irritates me and then I won't have to worry about it.

I think I should start with my mom. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this woman! She also drives me bat shit CRAZY!! She has a great knack for stating the obvious and treating me like I'm 2. She's also getting sneaky in her old age. Like this Sat, she invited Tink and I to go to a craft show and then to the mall with her. When we are half way to the craft show she informed me my SIL and my nephews "the mafia" would be joining us. At that point I was trapped in the vehicle with her and couldn't do anything but smile even though I was less than thrilled. Luckily, Hubbs, Tink and I had a birthday party to go to and Hubbs met us at the mall and rescued us.

Next in line for disowning are my brother, SIL and "the mafia" aka my nephews.
The mafia are kinda cute at first glance. Then you hear the high pitched whining voices, the screaming and crying, the hitting, kicking and general disregard for authority figures and you want to smack them.
The last time we had a family get together at a restaurant (now referred to as the "Night of Hell") these two were animals! They ran around the restaurant like idiots, hid under tables, one fell onto a chair and blacked his eye, screamed like wild monkeys, refused to eat, threw food and then crawled under our table stabbing various family members in the foot with a plastic knife. All the while my brother and SIL are sitting there smiling like nothing is going on. Get a grip people! Your kids are going to end up in reform school!
At the craft show my oldest nephew made Tink cry when he told her his dad was going to shoot our dogs. (He apparently hates our dogs because Bo barks at my nephews when they chase Tink and Maggie May takes their toys when they lay them down in the yard.) Stay home, our dogs won't bother you then!

Hubbs entire family is getting disowned while I'm at it. Except for Racheal, my newest SIL, she's a sweetie. The rest are CRAZY! The adults are rude and like to talk about people behind their backs and they only call when they want something. The kids are all smart mouths. Hanging out with them is FUN stuff!

Maybe it is me. Maybe it's the pms. Nah. It's them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First day of school and first soccer game.

You all guessed correctly! The second story was true.

Tink was so excited to go to school. I was relieved by the fact that I am doing my job right. I have given my baby the coping skills and the confidence to handle a new situation with excitement. I was also a bit heart broken by the way she waved me away with a "give me five, up high, down low, too slow!" a smooch on the cheek and a "see you after school!" I was expecting at least a little bit of shyness or not wanting to leave me.

I was a bit nervous all day. I was soooo tempted to write Nie an email, text her or call her cell just to check up on Tink. I also knew she would not have time to check any of these until after school had let out, so they were pointless. (For those of you who know me, you will be proud to know that I resisted the urge to check up on Tink.)

I was at the school 15 minutes before dismissal. When I pulled up I saw Tink's class returning to the school from the playground. Nie waved to me and a few other parents and invited us to follow them into the school. Tink was not amused. When I got close enough she hissed "What are you doing here so early?" then promptly walked away from me into her classroom and began playing with the other kids.

I practically had to drag Tink out of the school and then carried her to the car, she was "just too tired to walk." Poor thing hadn't napped at all and had barely eaten any lunch. She was asleep before we were off the street the school is on.

A two hour nap and dinner and Tink was a totally different kid. I learned all about her fun day and her new friends. Then it was off to her first soccer game.

The soccer game went great! Tink is not aggressive on the field during practice. Her coach has been trying to change this. It finally clicked during the game. Tink got in there and took the ball and ran with it. She even made a goal!!! You should have seen the excitement on her face! Then her coach pointed to the goal and told her next time to take the ball to her teams goal. Poor kid made scored in the wrong goal. That's ok, they don't keep score anyway. I was still proud of her. Tink really enjoyed playing and can't wait for the next game.

I have pics from school and the game, but once again have misplaced my camera cord. Go figure.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of preschool

Today is Tink's first day of preschool.

Here are two stories about the drop off. You pick which one is true.

Story 1:
Tink visited the dr yesterday and had four immunizations. The shots made her arm sore, but she was fine this morning. I show up at the school with Tink who clung to my leg. Anyone who talked to Tink was met with a mean glare and then she hid behind me. The Boo Hoo breakfast was a real boo hoo fest and Tink had to be led away by our friend Nie who reassured me everything would be fine. I was a sobbing mess by the time I got to my car. I have been miserable all morning wondering if she is still crying.

Story 2:
Tink visited the dr yesterday and had four immunizations. The shots caused her to run a fever and I have been keeping her dosed with ibuprofen. This morning she was miserable with a fever. The meds took about 45 minutes to kick in. This was 45 minutes that Tink should have been getting dressed and eating breakfast. Instead she was laying on the couch and crying.

Once the fever went down she got motivated and helped me pack her lunch and got dressed. Breakfast was eaten in the car on the way to school, between songs. You can't eat when cool songs like "I'm a Nut" and "Wallyatcha" are playing, you MUST sing!

The Boo Hoo breakfast was held in the library this morning. All the preschool parents and students attended. When we walked in the door Tink was met by Nie and Livy Bug. Livy Bug led Tink away to talk to a table of girls from their soccer team. I sat and ate a donut while Tink bounced up and down with excitement. As classmates passed us I read their name tags and told Tink who they were. Tink told me "I just know I am going to make lots of friends today!"

When Nie announced it was about time for the kids to go to their classroom and for the parents to leave a few kids started to cry. Tink gathered her backpack and lunch box and headed for the teacher without even saying good bye. I stopped her and asked her if I got a kiss. She kissed me and gave me a high five then said "love ya, see you after school" and left with the teacher's aide. She looked back once to wave as they walked down the hall.

I was a bit shocked by the entire process. I had been expecting major tears, from both of us. I'm still not sure how I feel about the morning. On one hand I am so proud of the independent, brave, eager to learn little girl I am raising. On the other hand I am sad that my baby is growing up and doesn't need her mommy with her. I guess this is the beginning of the letting go.

Ok, which one really happened?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The kids said what??

I am joining up with Cammie to see what the kids are saying this week. Check out the others here

Tink and I were sitting on the front porch the other evening watching Maggie May run around the yard. Maggie had a tennis ball and wasn't about to give it up. She brought the ball on the porch and jumped into a chair to chew on it for a while. When Tink took a step toward Maggie's chair Maggie jumped off tipping the chair over in her escape. Tink looked at me with huge eyes and very seriously said "She just knocked the whole damn chair over!" Very calmly I asked Tink what she had said. "I'm just really sorry for saying the bad word, but good luck with that." Alrighty then.

The day we arrived at my company retreat Tink was already worn out by the time we arrived at the cabins. After unloading the car, a quick lunch and short fishing trip it was nap time. I took Tink to our cabin and we laid down for a nap. I laid on the bed reading and Tink was having a bit of trouble falling asleep. After the ten millionth "I can't go to sleep" to which I replied "If you would lay still and quit talking you would fall right to sleep" Tink rolled over and informed me "You are very exasperating!" Really!? Where does she learn this stuff? I had to hide my face behind the book. About ten seconds later she was sound asleep.

During the same trip, my boss's cabin next door to ours had a huge playroom set up with a wooden kid sized kitchen. It really was an adorable room complete with sink, stove, table and chairs, cupboards, rocking horse and doll carriage. They were all antiques, but were there to be played with. Tink was the only girl on this trip and made good use of the toys. Late the first evening on our way through the playroom to the camp fire out back Tink commented about the room "Isn't it so nice that Gregg (my boss) made this room just for me." I couldn't tell her otherwise, so I just agreed with her. When we got outside Gregg was smiling, he had heard the entire conversation through the open windows of the playroom. The room Gregg made just for Tink has been the topic of conversation at our house alot lately. Gregg is one of Tinks best friends now.

Of course we are always flooded with lots of cute words like "forout" instead of without, "not today, but the day before that" instead of yesterday, "bequeen" instead of between and my new favorite "hulau" instead of luau.

I finally figured out why Tink says forout. Hubbs and I were talking the other night and he used the word forout. It totally cracked me up. He was not so amused by my laughing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Preschool starts in 7 days. I am not looking forward to this. In 7 days my baby will be going to school, she won't be a baby anymore! I am going to be a mess that day. And many more days to follow I am sure.

Tink is very shy around people she doesn't know. I explained this to her teacher the night of orientation at her school. The teacher, Mrs Peters, didn't seem to care. She said hello to Tink then proceeded to give me a 15 minute lecture of how great her college age daughter is. After hearing all about the daughter I got to see 50 photos of her in her cheerleader uniform. Yes very nice, but I have questions about the classroom and Tink's care while she is there. Mrs. Peters told me a bit about the classroom and the way she runs things there. My questions were not answered, she assured me she would address them at our home visit the following week. The home visit was not much better. Mrs. Peters wasn't any friendlier and I did not like the answers I got to my questions.

I called my dear friend Nie, Livy Bug's mom, who is a preschool teacher at a different school. I told her about Mrs. Peters and the rules the classroom are ran by. These rules do not meet the county guidelines and seem to be made up as the teacher sees fit. I was not comfortable with the situation, neither was my friend Nie.

After talking to school higher-ups, Nie was able to pull a few strings and have Tink transferred across town to be in her classroom.

Tink and I stopped by the school on Monday to see Nie and the classroom. The classroom is adorable. There are murals on the walls and little stations set up for different types of play. The sand table is set up to look like a luau with a grass covered umbrella above it. The aid, Mrs Book was there and was very friendly. Tink enjoyed exploring the classroom and saw the job chart on the wall which shows what the students "jobs" are going to be for the week. Tink is excited to be the snack helper the first week.

On the way home Tink and I were talking about our favorite parts of the classroom. Tink loved the fish tank and the kitchen area. I liked the science table where experiments will be conducted. I told Tink I was a bit jealous of all the fun she was going to have this year and suggested maybe I could go to preschool too. A week ago this was Tinks ideal solution, go to preschool AND have Mama with her all day. Not now. "This is just the way it's going to have to be mama. I am going to school and you are going to work, when I am done you can come back and pick me up. That's just the way it is." So I guess I'm not the only one who was helped by the school switch.

It looks like this was the right decision. Thank God! I knew Nie's classroom was a better fit for us and Tink's new found confidence is proving that to me.