Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovin my life!!!

The things that are making me smile:

Last night I took Tink and Bo for a walk. As we walked down the country road we live on Tink and I enjoyed the new spring flowers and trees that are starting to bud. On the way home we stopped at the creek at the bottom of the hill we live on. Tink loves throwing rocks into the creek. Bo turned into a wild man and almost pulled me into the creek trying to catch the splashes from Tink's rocks. It was a delightful walk.

Right now there are customers in my office meeting with my office manager. I thought the husband and wife were going to get into a fight trying to figure out if the husband was a "jr" or "the second." They are totally cracking me up!

Today is Friday. This means I have the weekend to spend with Tink.

The sun is shining!

Tink slept most of the night in her own bed last night. (Lately she has been refusing to sleep in her room. She only sleeps with her arms wrapped around my neck.) Hopefully by Monday she will be in her own bed all night long. (Not that I don't love cuddling with her, but I can't move in my bed!)

I had Chick-fil-a for lunch, with sweet tea!!

My cute sequenced shoes and jingly bracelet scream SUMMER!

I curled my hair this morning and it looked CUTE! I haven't dared look in the mirror lately, I feel like it looks cute, so that's all that matters.


Toad's Lair said...

All these things sound wonderful! I'm smiling because you're smiling. :D

The Johnson 5 said...

You gotta love it all!!