Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday funday

Tink's allergy apt was interesting. The poor little thing ended up with 61 injections that covered her entire back. She sat very still for the first two, then I had to hold her down for the next 59 while she wiggled and cried. By the end of the visit it was determined she is allergic to mold and johnson grass. What the heck is johnson grass and how do you tell it from any other type of grass? The treatment is comprised of allegra, nasonex and astelin.

The next day we ventured to Walmart to get groceries and have the astelin filled. While there I caught Tink licking the buggy rail. She is now sick with diarrhea and a fever. Guess we are lucky it wasn't eboli or the plague.

I tried to call off this morning to stay home with her and was told I needed to be here to cover while the office manager and the owner went to a meeting. So, Tink and I came in for a bit until they make it back here then we are headed home for the rest of the day. Before we leave here I'm going to make sure Tink breathes germs on everything in their offices, just to be sure we spread the wealth. Maybe they will think twice about making me come in with a sick baby!


Fiauna said...

My girl is sick, too. I can't stand the vomit and diarrhea sickness--it's just too much laundry. Hope your day gets better soon.

The Johnson 5 said...

Tell her to lick all of the phone receivers!!

I'm sorry it didn't go that well. Hey making it through 2 of the sticks, is a big deal! My daughter freaks when they check her temperature at the doctor's.

Johnson grass?
Never heard of it.

Google it, or maybe no don't do that. That Google thing man, its scares me sometimes!