Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Crazy Life Of Mine

I have been gone for a while and thought I would give everyone an update on this crazy life of mine.

On the job front - I had vacation days to burn before the end of the year. I decided I should use them before my boss found my replacement. I talked to the office manager and the boss and decided I would use them in Oct. While I was off I got a call telling me the board of education was giving tests for substitute secretary positions, so I went and took the test. My boss found out I took the board of ed test, apparently someone there recognized me from the insurance office and told him I was there. He called and fired me during my vacation. The other employees there have been forbade to talk to me. I had to wait three days to get a call back from his wife to even find out why I had been fired.

Lucky for me the same day I got fired I got a call from a lady I had insured. She owns a trucking and paving company and the position she had mentioned to me before became available sooner than she thought it would. I started working there the day after I got fired from the insurance office.

I am still getting used to my new job and dial up connection. So far I am loving my new job! Dial up connection? Not so much.

On the baby front - Nothing. I was two weeks late and was SURE I was preggo. Then mother nature came to visit. Maybe in November.

On the home front - My next door neighbor (directly next door to me) was murdered in his home a week and a half ago. I heard a car that night and woke Hubbs up to see who it was, he got up and looked and told me it was nothing to worry about, just someone leaving the neighbor's house. It was the killers. I won't go into the gory details here, let's just say it was awful and I am now afraid to stay at home without Hubbs until the killers are caught. This neighbor will be remembered and missed by everyone in my family.

On the Tink front - Tink is home with the swine flu this week. Poor baby got sick on Sunday. Her temperature soon spiked up to 104.3 and stayed between 101 and 104 for 24 hours. She tested positive for H1N1 on Monday and has been on Tamiflu and home confinement since. Luckily she is feeling better already. I am hoping the worst is over.

I think that about covers it.