Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be gone you blinding white glare!!!

Ok, I did it.
I broke out the self tanner today.
I HATE self tanner.
I also hate the idea of skin cancer that seems to run in my family (my mom and granny both have had it.) So, I avoid the tanning bed and wear sunscreen when I'm outside.
The youngest mafia member (my nephew H) is having his birthday party at the YMCA pool this weekend. This means I have to put a swim suit on my needstoloosetenpounds body, because each little one must have an adult with them. Tink is very excited about the pool party. I am not so excited about having my oversized, pasty body exposed to everyone.
Hence the self tanner.
As of now I can't tell I even applied it this morning. Hopefully after a couple more applications I will look a bit more tan. What's the worst that can happen? I can end up with orangeish zebra stripes. Even that will surely take away from my extra ten pounds!


Becky said...

Just please dont go to the tanning bed. I went before my sil wedding and was there for 5 minutes and about stroked! I was so burnt I blistered!!!

And of course me being the queen of semi-cancerous moles does not condone it at all!

I am sure though D, that you wont be the only pasty one there!!! Have fun!

The Johnson 5 said...

I did the tanning cream before Vegas and it helped not much but I still felt better using it.
I'm a member of the pasty white family too!!

Just remember spread evenly and not too much, I would hate to have an Oompa Loompa as a blogging buddy :)