Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skunk Stew!

This morning I let the dogs out while I made myself a bowl of cereal. I had taken two bits when I heard the dogs bark. I went to the door to check on them and what did I see?

Maggie May covered in mud! Darn dog! She just got a bath on Sunday!

I went out to get her and the stench hit me. Maggie May had been sprayed by a skunk. Apparently it happened in the front yard by the smell of things.

2 regular baths and a bath in tomato juice later and Maggie wasn't pawing her face and barking anymore. I locked her in the crate and headed out to work after changing clothes.

As I walked in the door of my office my boss asked why I smelled like a skunk.

Apparently Maggie rubbed off on me. I have since rinsed in tomato juice at the office and changed into a different shirt. I still smell. Now I smell like skunk and tomato juice. The making of skunk stew.

I am really looking forward to going home. I'm sure my entire house and the dog reeks!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach news

The first beach condo I found didn't work out. I have since found a new one. Crisis averted!

Then, last night we were visiting my MIL. She let it slip that my SIL had invited her to join us on our beach vacation. WHAT??!!

I am NOT spending a week with that woman!!!

I told Hubbs he needs to fix this situation. I'm not sure how this is going to be fixed without someone getting mad, but he needs to talk with his sister and uninvite their mom. If he can't do it I am going to have to insist on separate vacations.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was just reading a post over at "The Meanest Mom" that Jana wrote. Check it out here http://themeanestmom.blogspot.com/2010/06/if-walls-could-talk.html It made me think about Hubbs and the story of our remodel.

Before Hubbs and I got married he had his bedroom at his Mom's decorated with black lights and posters of aliens and such that glowed in the dark. I REFUSED to let him decorate our house with that crap when we got married. It all sat in a box in our basement.

As we started remodeling I soon realized he was taking the posters and hanging them over the studs and insulation before he hung the drywall.

When I asked why he was doing this, he told me that he wanted the posters in the house, but I refused so he was making sure they got hung in the house.

Wow, someone in the future is going to have a big surprise when they tear down that drywall!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day fun

I could not think of a single thing to get Hubbs for Father's Day this year. One day last week I finally broke down and asked him what he wanted. A new 3-D deer bow target was the answer. Ok, I could do that.

Until I got to the sporting goods store. $180.oo!! No way!

So, Tink and I went to Target. I told her she could pick out anything she wanted for Daddy. I did suggest a new pair of sandals and she picked him out a pair. Then she saw the toy area and need to look. When passing the kiddie pool section she had a brilliant idea. A slip 'n slide! Daddy needed a slip 'n slide!

So, new sandals and a slip 'n slide it was. Wrapped in baby shower paper!

Hubbs loved it all! Although he is pretty sure the slip 'n slide was really meant for Tink.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I LOVED vacation bible school as a kid!

This week is vacation bible school at our church. Since I loved it as a kid, I thought I couldn't go wrong with volunteering to be a group leader for Tink's class. Hmmm.

Don't get me wrong, being there is fun.

Being in charge of 21, 4-6 year olds is interesting.

Having 1 that cries, 1 that is wild and constantly runs away and 1 that drinks so much red kool-aide that he pukes is not so much fun.

I am off to do it all again tonight. And every night this week.

I may be praying for my sanity before this is all over with.

Friday, June 4, 2010


So, I found a place at the beach. It fits every one's criteria for beach housing.

3 bedroom
between the inlet and 28th st.
available the week of Court's vacation
within walking distance to beach and boardwalk
dogs welcome
within price range

I called the guy who owns it. I sent deposit. He will email contract. All is good.

This was 50 days ago. 50!!!

Still no contract.
He won't return my emails or phone calls.
Two weeks ago I did catch him online and sent him an IM. He claimed to have been in El Salvador for two weeks and would email me a contract ASAP. Still nothing.

I'm pretty sure we have no place at the beach to stay. AND he has my deposit!

I am now demanding my money back. And looking for a new place to stay.

Why, why, why do I always take people at their word???