Friday, June 4, 2010


So, I found a place at the beach. It fits every one's criteria for beach housing.

3 bedroom
between the inlet and 28th st.
available the week of Court's vacation
within walking distance to beach and boardwalk
dogs welcome
within price range

I called the guy who owns it. I sent deposit. He will email contract. All is good.

This was 50 days ago. 50!!!

Still no contract.
He won't return my emails or phone calls.
Two weeks ago I did catch him online and sent him an IM. He claimed to have been in El Salvador for two weeks and would email me a contract ASAP. Still nothing.

I'm pretty sure we have no place at the beach to stay. AND he has my deposit!

I am now demanding my money back. And looking for a new place to stay.

Why, why, why do I always take people at their word???

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