Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why don't I carry my camera in my purse???

I took Tink to dance class last night in the middle of a down pour. The rain stopped as we were getting off the interstate and the sun began to shine. The most beautiful rainbow appeared before us.
Tink started yelling as soon as she saw it. "Look, mom...look, look, look! It's a rainbow!!!!"

"That's really beautiful Tink."

"Rainbows make me happy. Look how big I'm smiling!" And indeed she did have a huge smile on her face.

I'm pretty sure God sent that rainbow to make us both smile.


Becky said...

rainbows always come around right when you need them.

The Johnson 5 said...

I started carrying mine in my purse, there is always something going on. And then of course at my son's marathon track meet this weekend I didn't bring my purse, I put everything in a bag and guess where my camera was?
YEAH, in my purse.