Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art time!!!

I have found a new mess free solution to painting at our house.

Tink ALWAYS wants to paint. She ALWAYS ends up spilling either the paint or the water.

Last night after dance she begged to paint. I was not in the mood to clean up another mess.

The solution?

Putting the kid and the paint along with paper and everything else to go with it in the empty bathtub to do the painting.

I made her strip down and wear one of JP's work shirts so there were no stains on good clothes. (I tried letting her paint naked, but she got a bit chilly, so we opted for daddy's shirt.)

She got tired of painting the paper and painted the inside of the tub. Did I get mad? Nope, not me.

When she was done I simply took her shirt off and gave Tink and the tub a nice shower.

Easy peasy!!!

There may be more art time in Tink's near future. Fun for her and a couple loads of clothes folded without worrying what she is doing. Win for everyone.


Cammie said...

ohhh, I love that picture of her over in your sidebar!!

The Johnson 5 said...

what a great idea!!