Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sissy and the Smart-mouth.

When I got home from work last night A wasn't ready to go home. She was playing in the front yard with my nephews and they were all having fun. A had taken her baby doll stroller and baby Soso (they all have weird names) to Grandma's in the morning and was now pushing it around the yard. My nephews decided they would gang up on her and take it away. I quickly stopped the argument that followed by producing another stroller and a shopping cart that the boys could push. This made everyone happy. The stroller path eventually grew to make a huge circle that covered the entire yard and went up a hill behind my house and down a road the goes beside my house. On one trip down the road my oldest nephew and A were running down the road into my rock driveway and his shopping cart got stuck and he flew over it landing in the rocks. From across the yard I was watching as A stopped next to him and says "Yeah, you really are a sissy." The nephew was too involved in picking up his toys that spilled out of the buggy to pay attention to her. A waited a second and repeated "Yeah, you really are a sissy aren't you?" He instantly got mad and shoved her in the back. A sat on the grass to pout. The nephew then sat down in front of her and they had a discussion I could not hear. They were soon friends again and pushing their toys around the yard. I didn't mention to A that I had witnessed the event.

I hope my daughter learns how to fight soon. Looks like she's going to need to know how if she is going to keep being a smart mouth.


Toad's Lair said...

I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the idea of Ainsley learning to fight. Part of me wants to say say, "No! That beautiful child can never, ever do something so crass as fighting!" But then part of me, the part who is outspoken and occasionally feels like knocking a few heads together herself, wants to say to Ainsley, "Speak your mind girl! And then kick some ass if necessary!"

I promise I'll wait until she's older before I use those words, though. :D

I'm just me... said...

Trust me, I don't want her to be a smart mouth or a fighter. Unfortunately, at this age whatever she is thinking is what comes out of her mouth. So far she's like her dad and I, she has to be really mad to want to fight.
She and her daddy play fight on occassion, they call it throwing down. It's too funny when you hear the little princess in a tu-tu and tiara ask her dad if he wants to throw down!
BTW - she is correct. My nephews really are sissies.

Ok now what said...

I can relate to this story, Amiya was once like that, she was the "tough one" when it came down to her and her male cousins. Now though, things are changing. I think it is her age. Trust me she will not do ANYTHING that she doesn't want to, but I don't see the "i will bite you or kick you" in her that she had when she was a toddler and preschooler.

On the otherhand, her smart mouth has only gotten worse. I will probably be institutionalized when my daughter becomes a teenager!

At least we have each other for support right?

For the record she still says her cousing logan is a weinie!

I'm just me... said...

I'm glad my daughter isn't the only one who acts like this. We will need each other for support!