Thursday, September 25, 2008

I picked up A at my mom's after work yesterday to find 5 more bug bites on her legs. The poor little thing attracts bug bites like no one else! Well, actually like her dad. JP also attracts every bug within 30 miles the second he walks outside.

Of course my mom is sure I have fleas or spiders lurking all over my house that attack the second A steps into the house. We do have a dog, who gets flea control meds every month, but JP never gets these bites in our house, so I was a bit skeptical of this.

I did do the good mommy thing though. I went home and vacuumed my entire house and sprayed every carpet and piece of furniture with flea spray and tore my house apart looking for spiders. I found one. Of course one is too many! They totally freak me out! I also gave the dog another flea treatment although he wasn't due for one until next week.

She woke up fine this morning with no new bites. Thankfully!

We hadn't been at my mom's five minutes this morning when A came running back to me saying her leg was hurting. Sure enough she had a brand new bite. My mom started complaining about it again, blaming my dog. When I found the lovely little flea still on A's other leg. Hmmmm.

It turns out my grandad has been bringing his little dog to my mom's and she digs the entire time she is there. Seems to me that is the problem. Mom was freaking out, her immaculately clean house has fleas.

In the mean time poor little A is suffering with another bug bite. I am going to have to do something about the fleas tonight.


Tales from a 30 year old gal.... said...

I hate fleas, thank god for Frontline!!!

I'm just me... said...

I agree. That's what I use for our dog and he stays flea and tick free. Living in the country that is a must!!!

Apparently my grandad uses some generic brand he finds for $6.00 a box at Walmart. His poor dog always has fleas. Not to mention she is a little rat looking, snap at you every chance she gets, annoying thing. Seriously, that is one animal I don't like.

Tales from a 30 year old gal.... said...

You should inform him that the stuff from wal-mart is very toxic and can make, not only the dog sick, but people (especially kids)too. I have heard it causing reanla failure in some dogs and cats, but frontline is expensive.

Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Ugh, sorry you're dealing with that. Betty had tons of bug bites this summer - it was awful. I hope all gets better soon.