Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jp is 29 now. His birthday was Sunday. His twin sister was able to get time off work at the last minute and suprised everyone by showing up on Sunday. We ended up having a small cake at his mom's with his parents and sister. Then we had a cake that A and I made him later that evening with my parents and a couple of friends. He was very happy that A and I bought him new camo hunting pants instead of a dress shirt and tie like we got him last year. (Trust me, he needed a new dress shirt and tie! Althought he has only worn it once.)

We also celebrated Miss Moore's 4th birthday over the weekend. A had tons of fun playing with Miss Moore and JP and I enjoyed visiting with the adults. It was a very nice day. I bought Miss Moore and A matching Hannah Montanna outfits, they are so cute. I think we are going to have their pics taken in them soon. I will have to post them when we get them taken.


Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

So you have a Hannah fan in your house too? :) Something else we have in common. In fact, we're watching Hannah now as I catch up on my blog reading. :)

I'm just me... said...

Oh yes, A loves Hannah! In fact, on Sat she insisted her name was Hannah and wouldn't answer to anything but Hannah. She wore the outfit and danced around trying to sing "Best of Both Worlds". At 3, she's no pop star, but it was pretty amusing.