Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We made it back. We actually made it back Sat evening, but with all the craziness that followed for the rest of the weekend and being at work alone for the next two weeks (a story in itself) I have not had time to blog.

The trip was great! Our hotel and the beach were almost empty when we got to Myrtle. The weather was perfect for the beach. High 70s to mid 80s, a nice breeze, lots of sun. Perfect for me to sit on the beach and help A build sand castles everyday.

A was such a good girl on the car rides. Thank God for portable DVD players and Nintendo DS! Those along with coloring books and mommy in the backseat to put on puppet shows made for a nice complaint free trip both ways.

My parents had a great time with A on this trip. My dad, aka Papaw, thinks A is the funniest kid ever. Even when she is instructing him on the correct way to build a sand castle (the castle has to have a little extra pile of sand on top with a shovle stuck out of the top) he finds her highly amusing. My mom, aka Mamaw, totally spoils A. She buys the kid everything, I insist A doesn't need another Princess shirt from the Disney store or a 5th pair of sunglasses, but she buys it anyway. I finally gave up, just buy her whatever you want, it's not worth the argument. They both got a kick out of watching her play in the waves and "treasure hunt" for seashells.

A made a little friend at our hotel. Riley was there with her grandparents for the week and stayed a couple of floors down from us. The girls were the same age and became instant friends. We met up at the pool most afternoons and let the girls play for a couple of hours. This gave me a break from being the constant playmate for A. Not that I don't LOVE playing with my girl, but seriously I can only play babies and build sandcastles for so long before my mind starts getting a little fuzzy. The girls were very sad to leave each other at the end of the week. A still doesn't understand "Why can't Riley come to our house to play in WV?" I tried to explain the Riley lives in KY and that really isn't close enough for playdates, but she doesn't get it. She is sure on our next beach vacation she will see Riley again.

We made the much anticipated trip to the Ripley's Aquarium. A loved it!! As soon as we walked thru the front doors she saw a tank filled with fish, one was red and A was so excited "There is Ruby, waiting to say hi!" A was amazed that Ruby had grown so much since we flushed her the week before. I assured her Ruby was eating better and was much happier living at the aquarium, to which A agreed. I had to take a pic with A sitting in front of the tank with Ruby swimming behind her. I have to say I enjoyed the aquarium also. Although, walking through a tunnel watching giant sharks swimming above you is a little creepy. This confirmed all my fears about swimming in the ocean! Seriously, I don't go in above my knees. Anyway, we got to pet sting rays, horseshoe crabs and some kind of small shark. Pretty neat! A ended up falling in love with a little stuffed turtle in the gift shop, it is green with sliver sparkly dots on it and hot pink marabou fur trim around it's shell outline. It is so cute! We bought it. The poor thing was then named "Turdy" by A. She has no idea why everyone finds this name so amusing.

The rest of the trip is now a blur of pool swimming, beach sitting, sand playing, restuarant eating fun in my mind. Luckily I took lots of pics. I brought the camera to work to upload pics, but totally forgot the cable needed to do this, so I will have to add those later.

Harley Bike Week started on Wed while we were there. This of course was the actual reason for the trip. My parents and their best friends are avid Harley riders. The two couples had taken their bikes and rode while we were there and attended a few events. A and I played on the beach while they did this. I did venture out to a couple of Harley shops to look for bike week shirts for JP and his buddy who took care of Reese while we were gone. Our hotel and the beach no longer looked deserted once the Harley riders started coming into town. A loved looking at all the bikes.

A and I were missing JP and Reesey Boy by the end of the week (and I needed some space from my parents) so we were glad to come back home. Until we got up the next morning to be greated by temps in the LOW 40s. Ugh. I'm ready to go back now!


Becky said...

I am glad that you had a good trip and that A was able to see "Ruby" in her new home.

Turdy the turle reminds me of Arryn's stuffed monkey he had when he was about her age. I kid you not he named the thing "Spanky" I couldnt keep a straight face everytime he introduced "Spanky, my monkey" to the family!

Remember when I hit the lotto we are buying that house in the bahamas and you can come anytime!!!!

I'm just me... said...

How funny! A has kiddie harness (the kind that keeps her from running from me in crowded public places) that looks like a stuffed monkey. JP has tried for 2 years to get her to call it Spank. She won't do it. Thankfully.

Make sure that house has a nice guest house, I may be a permanent house guest.

Becky said...

Oh it has not only a guest apartment, but a guest house! I thought we could get a tutor for the kiddies and let them grow up bohemian, what do you think?

I'm just me... said...


I actually bought two Power Ball tickets on my way to Myrtle. I had never bought a lottery ticket before and thought why not. I didn't win. Damn! I'm going to try again when the pot gets pretty big again.

Becky said...

I usually buy one when it is over 65 million, i figure after taxes and what I give away to family and friends I should have enough left to buy my house and live comfortably for the rest of my days!!!


Betty and Boo's Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Welcome back!