Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well, here goes again. A list of the things I did not do this week.

- I did not cry at my desk a few minutes ago while reading an article about Stephanie Neilson.

- I did not take Tink to a Halloween party at our local Old Navy store that ended up being a ploy to get parents into their store to shop and not a party for kids at all.

- I did not also take Tink to a Halloween party at JP's cousin's and have a great time on Sat night.

- We did not eat too much junk food, carve pumpkins and go on a hayride at said party.

- I did not tell ghost stories to a small child on the hayride, in the dark, in hopes of scaring him and getting him to sit still and quit kicking me. Do I look like a monster??!!

- I was not ignored by a couple that I graduated with when I spoke to them at the Halloween party. If I were ignored, I would never be so sensitive as to let this bother me.

- I am not debating about whether or not I should dress up like a witch for work this week. Really, I am much too old to be dressing up for Halloween!

- I am not excited about taking Tink trick-or-treating this week.

- I did not spend too much time on the internet while I was at work this past week. Really, who does that?

- I am totally looking forward to dinner at the mil's tonight. Really! Well, not so much.

- I did not shudder when I heard we are going to get snow tonight. Honestly, I LOVE snow and anxiously await it every year! Yeah, I can't wait to pack up my flip flops and get out the winter coats. Right.


Well, that's about it for now. For the origional Not Me Monday check out McMomma here


Robin said...

It's a shame that you don't have any fun around Halloween!

And I live in denial of snow every winter but I didn't think I'd have to start denying it so soon this year! But we are definitely NOT supposed to get flurries this week!

Have fun trick-or-treating!


Becky said...

The snow thing tonight STINKS!!!!

BTW who was the couple that "didn't" speak to you, anyone I know?????

I'm just me... said...

Yep, it was PeeWee and Leslie. Seriously, they didn't speak. I said hi and they both acted like they had never seen me before in their lives. Anywhoo. Becky Smith was also there, her little boy may have been the kid I told ghost stories to, if I had done such a thing. Oh, and Jason Shields was there to. He and Becky are always friendly though.

Becky said...

Does Becky Smith still look the same? I haven't seen her or Jason since graduation.

Leslie and Peewee I have seen around and since they didnt speak to me in school they still dont. He was always very mean to me. Which is ok.

It is funny because so many people werent very nice to me in school I just wonder what they would think of me now.

Have you talked to Katie any? I saw her at the mall but I dont think she recognized me.

I'm just me... said...

Miss Becky, I'll have to send you an email.

Becky said...

Oooh do Denise, PLEASE!!!

Michelle said...

I'm not excited about Halloween either! :)