Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ok, I have been reading McMomma's Not Me posts for a couple of weeks now and have finally decided to follow along and post my own Not Me this Monday. So, here goes...these are a few things that I did not do this past week.

1. I did not yell at someone else's child at the McDonald's playland. Just because the playland was invaded by a local middle school's entire cross country track team and one of the 13ish year old boys screamed at my 3 year old, "Get out of that tunnel, I am going to play in there!" I did not run across the playland to rescue my terrified child and her friend and give the boy a piece of my mind. What kind of a monster yells at someone else's kid??
2. I did not let A eat a sliced apple with peanut butter for dinner. Really, what kind of a mom lets her kid eat fruit only for dinner?
3. I did not trip over my own feet in the middle of my kitchen last night when I had a house full of people over for my dad's birthday! I am certainly not that big a klutz!
4. I did not totally mess up the camcorder during A's first dance class and end up recording when I thought it was shut off and vice versa for half the class.
5. I did not cringe every time I saw my mother-in-laws number on my caller id this week. I adore my MIL, why would I do that?
6. I did not nap on the couch after work on Fri and delegate all childcare and dinner preparation to hubbs then get up long enough to snuggle A into bed between hubbs and I and go back to sleep. Really, do I look that lazy?
7. I did not let A sleep in our bed twice last week. I am not a push over when she tells me she is afraid in her own room. Nope, not me!
8. I did not wear flip flops to work last week. Really, I work in an office, they aren't allowed.
I'm sure there are tons of other things I did not do last week, but this list will have to do for now. Make sure you check out My Charming Kids for McMomma's list too. Oh, and say a little prayer for her and baby Stellan too. I don't know them personally, but I love her blog and they need the prayers right now.


Sara said...

Hey, peanut butter is a protein. Loved your not mes.

Weeksie50 said...

I love me some flip flops..
Good for you.. those kids had no business being in the play place..

Michelle said...

I totally would have yelled at that kid! :) Good job on your first Not Me Monday!

Toad's Lair said...

This is awesome! I'm definitely writing one of these in the very near future! Thanks for passing along the inspiration.

It's a good thing you didn't wear flip flops to work last week. And I certainly didn't, either. ;)

Amy said...

HAHA!! The MIL one cracked me up--she doesn't read this does she?? I so want to post that, but mine does read it, and I'd double offend!!

Great list!

Becky said...

I didn't wear those darned old flip flops either ;)