Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The kid said what???

Here's some of the things I have heard this week. To see what everyone else had to say visit Cammie at http://houseofnosleep.blogspot.com/

From Tink: When I get big like daddy I am gonna use my birthday money and buy a gun. The kind you pull the trigger and it goes booming. I'll have a pink one and a pink 4 wheeler to match.

Me: What are you going to hunt with your gun?

Tink: Deer.

Me: Are you going to kill the deer?

Tink: No, just skunks. I'll only kill skunks.

Tink: Mom, if you decide to have another baby I will name it Lou-o or Chewey or Casey.
(Ummm, ok. Luckily, for now there are no more kiddos in the plans.)

While at the mall the other day. "Mom, if I give you this look will you let me out of the stroller?" ("The look" was her lip sticking out in a pout.) Nope, but it did crack me up.

Yesterday was FILLED with attitude. My favorite was when I was picking her up after work. Tink was playing her DS and my oldest nephew was just waking up from his nap. They like to sit beside each other and play DS and sometimes just watch the other kid play their game. Tink moved over beside my nephew and asked if he wanted to watch her play. He told her no and started whining about her sitting next to him. Tink refused to move. A few minutes later my nephew decided he wanted to watch after all and he scooted closer to Tink. Tink looked at him and said "Oh, now you want to watch!" then she got up and marched away in a huff. It was hilarious.

I woke up this morning with Tink cuddled up next to me in my bed. When I climbed out of bed she woke up "Do I have soccer practice today?" I told her yes, we are going to the first soccer practice when I get home from work. "Well, I need to get up early to be ready for soccer." She didn't care that it wasn't for 10 hours. I hope she's still that excited when we get there.


Cammie said...

teach her how to hunt geese and then send her my way

lmao about the stroller deal

Whitney said...

I love how kid's minds work. While we were camping a few weekends ago, Bella decided she was going to go fishing with the other kids. She looked at me and said "Wouldn't it be cool if I caught a mermaid?" told her "That would be really cool." To which she replied "Well that's not gonna happen because you won't buy me any mermaid bait."

Thanks for sharing!

The Johnson 5 said...

how sweet is she!

Tell her to make sure she keeps those boys in line.

And the pink gun and 4 wheeler, aint nobody messing with your baby :)

I saw your Facebook post, I hope you feel better!