Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just realized today is my wedding anniversary. Eight years!!! It completely slipped my mind. I am on my way to the pharmacy down the street from my office now to pick up a card for Hubbs.

Hubbs and I actually talked about it the other day, so it's not like I TOTALLY forgot it. We decided not to get each other gifts, we thought a joint gift would be better. We would both like to have a hand held GPS. He will be taking it hunting and I would like to try geocaching. I think that would be a fun family activity. So, on our next trip to Cabellas we will pick up a GPS, if I don't find one online at a better price before then.

So, I am off to buy a card (shhh don't tell him I forgot!) and then maybe dinner out tonight.

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Fiauna said...

Happy anniversary! Eight years, wow!