Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Tink!

My baby girl is growing up. Tink turned 4. We celebrated with a "cupcake" party in our front yard. We invited the entire family and Tink's two closest friends Boo and Livy Bug. It was a great party!

Can you see cousin Austin sporting the red mohawk in the background? Love his hair!That's me reading the cards to Tink.Livy Bug and Boo handed Tink the gifts and took all the paper to the trash. Gotta love the helpers! Tink FINALLY got her own umbrella. Thanks Nanna Laura, I'm sure someone in our house will be missing an eye before it's all over. Every time I turn around Tink is making up some kind of dance with the umbrella.I wanted a cute pic of Tink with her two best friends. This is what I got. Tink ran off laughing as soon as I snapped the pic and refused to take a new one. Silly girl!!


The Johnson 5 said...

happy birthday to your girl!! The party looks fun! My daughter also LOVES umbrellas, it makes me a little crazy :)

whitney said...

Love the blanket you made! It's so adorable or fabulous to use my princess's favorite word. Tink looks so cute in the soccer pics. We missed the cutoff by 1 month. There's always next year. Also, i love her face in the pic with her besties. That's priceless. We have lots of those kind of pics around here!