Thursday, August 6, 2009

My little furry visitor.

It came to my attention recently that we were having a visitor during the night at our house. This little furry, four legged, woodland, disease carrying creature was not welcome at our house. So, I called up my dad and requested the mouse traps he keeps stored in his garage for just these occasions.

I coated the trap with peanut butter and hid them from the dogs to wait. Two nights later there was a SNAP in the middle of the night. It woke me and I knew instantly what it was. He was caught.

Then came the most disturbing noise, a rattling, scraping sound. I jumped up and grabbed the flashlight to go inspect my catch. I found the little fella in the corner between the wall and the fridge. He was caught by a foot. He was slowly dragging the trap behind him, trying to find an escape.

This would not do. Surely the little guy would soon decide his foot was worth sacrificing and shew his way to freedom. That's the last thing I needed, a footless disease carrying mouse.

I knew what to do.

Wake Hubbs up to kill the mouse.

He simply mumbled something about it would be there in the morning, go to sleep.

SLEEP? With this in my house? Not gonna happen.

Plan B. I would pull mousy out with the end of my swiffer broom and trap him under a trash can.

Trap attached and all, that little sucker could run! Bo was up with me watching the entire ordeal and chased the mouse barking and trying to bite it. I pushed the dog out of the way and threw the can up side down over the mouse. Taken care of.

Bo and I headed back to bed then.

Until we heard the can scooting across the kitchen floor.

Ok, I would scoot him to the corner of the kitchen and put Hubbs work boots on top. That would keep him still. So, that's what I did. With a big note attached that said: LIVE MOUSE, PLEASE GET RID OF ASAP!!! Hubbs would see this in the morning and deal with it then. Easy peasy.

Back to bed.

Until, Bo went back flipped the can over and chased the mouse through my living room. He then caught the mouse, with trap still attached and chewed it a couple of times. I ran yelling at him and he dropped it. It started running at me, Bo grabbed it again and chewed it a couple more times. I yelled, he dropped it again and I covered it with the can.

All the commotion woke Hubbs. He stumbled in cussing me and the dog, hit the mouse with his work boot and threw it out the back door.

I never did go to sleep. I was up all night waiting for the mouse to come back.


Whitney said...

This sounds so much like something that would happen at our house. Except,my hubby would be either getting up to go to work...which would make him cranky...especially if I got him up 5 minutes before he could hit the snooze button 4 times...or he would already be there and I would still be up the creek without a paddle!

I'm just me... said...

Whitney!! It is good to see you commenting here! When are you going to start your own blog so we can keep up with you and the kids?

The Johnson 5 said...

you are a BRAVE lady :)

I would of been freaking! The rodent kingdom freaks me out!

I can do snakes, bugs, anything like that but the furry ones give me the willys!

I'm glad you caught it!