Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8 years.

For our anniversary last night Hubbs and I went out to dinner. With Tink of course. We don't go anywhere without Tink.

We headed to my favorite mexican restaurant and I had the chicken chimichanga. There is no other option for me. It was delish! Hubbs had tacos and Tink had McDonald's. Everyone was happy.

I gave Hubbs the card I picked up and also the news about my company retreat later this month.

He liked the card but was less than thrilled about spending time with my boss and coworkers. He thought the Christmas dinner we endure every year was torture enough, now it's a weekend away with them. (Do you foresee lots of beer for Hubbs that weekend? Yeah, me too.)

After dinner we headed back home where I cleaned house and Hubbs sat on the front porch and watched Tink ride her four wheeler around the yard.

Later I commented to Hubbs that it doesn't feel like we have been married for 8 years already. He agreed, he says it feels more like 28. I'm not sure what he meant by that.

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The Johnson 5 said...

he meant that it's been SO WONDERFUL that it feels like its been longer!!

I'm just helping the brother out :)

Happy Anniversary!!