Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Swim practice

Upon picking up Tink last night I learned she had been in trouble earlier in the day.

My brother had stopped by with the mafia to let them play with Tink.
No one noticed that Tink and my oldest nephew had disappeared.
Until Mamaw started hearing a thumping sound from the master bathroom.
My brother was sent to investigate.
The bathroom door was locked, but he could hear my oldest nephew talking, then the thumping sound.
My brother unlocked the door to find my nephew standing in the middle of the room. He asked what was going on. To which he responded Tink is swimming.
My brother pulled back the curtain on the shower stall to find Tink butt naked laying on her stomach pretending to swim.
He asked where her clothes were and she pointed to the clothes hamper.
He yelled at her to get out of the bathroom and down the hall.
Tink was scared to death and went crying to Mamaw.

Tink said that she got into the shower to hide and her clothes got wet from Mamaw's earlier shower. Realizing her clothes where wet she stripped naked and thought it would be fun to practice swimming in the slippery shower.

Mamaw and my brother both scolded Tink and put her into time out.

When I got home a big deal was made of telling me what had happened.
For the life of me I can't figure out what the big deal is.
So, she had wet clothes and was naked?
Put some dry clothes on her and tell her to keep them on.
She's 3 for crying out loud!
It's not like she was cussing, hitting and kicking Mamaw or trying to injure one of the other kids. Oh, that's right it's my nephews who do those things and don't get into trouble.

As I left this morning I reminded Tink to stay out of the shower and keep her clothes on.


Nana said...

Tink did a normal little kid thing. Pretty funny actually. Kids do goofy stuff, that's why they are kids.

Fiauna said...

Ummm .... And the boys didn't get in trouble? Poor Tink.

Toad's Lair said...

All the yelling they did makes me sad. I don't want her to start associating being naked with shame.

Becky said...

I tagged you darling, read my blog, where have you been btw????

The Johnson 5 said...

Oh girl, I don't see anything wrong either. Obviously your brothers kids need a yelling or 2 at.

SERIOUSLY, what is cutier than a naked baby running around??!!