Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making lists

We have decided as a family not to take a beach vacation this summer. Instead we are going to take a few mini vacations and visit places closer to home. Most are in WV.
Places I want to go this summer:

Audra State Park. We have a cabin there and LOVE to spend weekends there. The river is great for swimming and there are hiking trails. We are planning to spend a lot of time here this summer.

Black Water Falls, WV. I haven't been here in YEARS. Like 15 years.

These windmills run for miles across a mountain ridge line in and around Davis, WV. The pictures are deceiving, they are HUGE windmills.

The ski lift at Canaan Valley, WV. I love to snow ski, but hubbs has never been and Tink is still too small to take. I will settle for riding the lift up and back down in the summer just to see the beauty of Davis, WV.

Seneca Rocks, WV. You can rock climb to the top or take the hiking trail. Hubbs and I have hiked to the top a few times over the years. We'll be hiking this time too. No rock climbing for this girl! What a view from the top!

This is the width of the top of the rocks if you pass the lookout and climb out. Scary! I've been out there a few times, never again. I'll be standing at a safe place with Tink thank you. (Can you see the little blue dot on the top? That's a climber.)

These are just a few of the places I want to be sure to take Tink this year. I also want to camp at Spruce Knob, snow tube at Timberline Ski Resort, fish at Stonewall Jackson Lake, walk through Seneca Caverns and make a visit to PA to visit Idlewilde Park and the Pittsburgh Zoo. I'm sure I will be adding to the list later.


Becky said...

That is my beach at Audra!!!!

Even though my dream is to move out of this state and live at the beach, it is still a beautiful place.

Of course being spring with no snow makes me like it better.

Toad's Lair said...

Somehow--with the exception of seeing the windmills in passing when I drove through as an adult on my way to Thomas--I never made it to any of those places in WV that everyone talks so much about. I know that I have missed a great deal in my home state. My family never did anything but fight and drink and hunt. Audra, in particular, seems like so much fun.