Friday, March 13, 2009

Are you kidding me??!!!

I just got off the phone with the office manager of my offices other location. She talked to one of my clients a little earlier while I was out to lunch and had my phones transferred to that location. This client is a friend of my previous boss, who set me up on a blind date with this guy MANY years ago (before hubbs and I were dating).

I went out with this guy twice. He was divorced with one kid and was pretty strange. I told him we could only be friends and that's when the stalking began. He called me at home and the office relentlessly. Weirdo figured out my morning routine and was at the gas station near my house every morning when I stopped for coffee. He sent me flowers all the time, I had them returned every time. He visited my boss regularly and made stops by my office. I started dating hubbs. Weirdo showed up at concerts and other events hubbs and I were at and made sure to say hi and let me know he figured he would run into me there. He was everywhere I went. Stalker!!!! One of the guys that I worked with finally told weirdo, hubbs was going to beat the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of him if he didn't leave me alone. Hubbs and I got engaged and Weirdo finally found someone else to harass. I heard that she had a restraining order put on him.

I married hubbs and then changed jobs. My first day at this job guess who calls. Yep. Weirdo. He is friends with my new boss and is one of our insurance clients. He made a couple of visits to our office, then he and new boss had a falling out over their kids basketball team and he quit coming by and calling unless it was about business.

Today I find out he has told everyone I work with that I had stalked HIM. WHAT??? Are you kidding me? Big weirdo!

I just have a few things to say to Weirdo. Don't start your crap with me! I am not the same shy person I once was. I have a child to take care of and protect, I will kick your ass! If I can't do it I will not be afraid to let hubbs kick your ass.


Anonymous said...

I hope he is no one I know....if you do have to kick his butt and you need back up just call, i am in the mood for a good a!s whooping ;)

and please tell me you dont really like wife swap!

The Johnson 5 said...

girl, I'm ALWAYS ready to deal out a good ARS whoopin!!

Let him know that you have major girl backup. The momma bloggers will take his weirdo butt out :)

Fiauna said...

Stopping by from BSU. Aren't you grateful you're married now and don't have to deal with weirdo stalkers anymore--well, except for this one, I guess.