Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What the HELL was I thinking!!!

I picked up the new pup yesterday morning. Things have been interesting.

I had to take Bo directly to the vet to be neutered. He refused to get into the car. The woman at the humane society had to pick him up and put him in my car. Bo doesn't like tile floors either. The vet tech and I had to slide him across the floor to the exam room. He survived the day without incident.

I picked him up after work to take him home. Bo was still groggy, he was sore, he has no idea who I am. He wouldn't get into the car AGAIN. I commanded then begged and pleaded for 20 minutes. I attempted to pick him up to put him into the car. He attempted to bite me. A vet tech came outside to help me. He attempted to bite her. We muzzled him and put him in the car anyway. We survived the ride home without incident.

I called hubbs. Hubbs is now banned from decision making for the next forever!! The two biggest decisions he has ever made on his own 1.) Which house to buy when we got married (I hated it from day one!) and 2.) which dog to adopt this past weekend have both sucked.

Hubbs met me in the front yard with our other lab. New dog, Bo, growled and tried to bite Reese. Hubbs smacked Bo in the head. Growling and biting stopped. Dogs get along fine for now.

Bo is afraid to walk up steps into house. Once you force him up first two steps he runs like a bat out of hell to get to the top and almost pulls you over if you are not paying attention.

Bo will not cross tile to get to hallway or go into kitchen. He currently just wanders around the living room when he is not in his crate. He has tried to "mark his territory" twice in my living room. If I am not starring at him constantly he must be in crate to avoid this.

Meds have worn off from yesterday and Bo is much happier and lively today. Bo is a jumper. He loves Tink. Bo tried to jump on Tink. He tried to pull her scarf off then tried catching her shoes when she was walking. When Tink bent over to pick something out of grass, Bo nudged her in the behind, she fell knees first into grass, getting muddy. Tink was not happy! She proceeded to tell him off and then stomped to the house to change pants. These two can NOT be left unsupervised! Tink is used to Reese who is very tolerant and gentle with her, I do not trust Bo yet.

Bo freaked out with snarling and barking when Reese sniffed his crate while he was eating. Food aggression, hmmm.

Bo is currently in his crate while Reese is sleeping on the couch, while everyone is at work.

Lets hope things start calming down. So far this is not a picnic.

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The Johnson 5 said...

I hope it gets better!