Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Story - part 3

I called JP the next day. I needed to say I was sorry. I was very sorry for the person I had been.

He answered on the first ring. We hadn't even talked in almost 4 years, yet it seemed like we had never stopped being friends. He had just broken up with his girlfriend Melinda who he had dated for 3 years.

He asked me to go swimming at Audra park the next day. Like old times, I picked him up and off we went to the river.

We started dating. Most of his family is great to me.

August 1999 we went on vacation together to Ocean City, MD. JP pretty much moved in at my house when we got back.

Sept of 2000 he asked me to marry him. I said yes. End of Sept 2000, on JP's birthday, I bought Reese for him. For myself really. He didn't even like Labradors. I had ALWAYS wanted a chocolate lab.

June 2001 we bought our house in Stealey and began remodeling. Beginning of July 2001 we moved into our house amid the remodeling. Surely we could live there and have it totally remodeled in a year. Mid July we bought Noah, my sweet black Labrador.

Aug 4, 2001 we were married.

2003 We start trying to get preggo. I learn that JP's mom doesn't like me, never has. She hopes we never have kids, she doesn't want anymore grandchildren than she already has. (Nice lady!)

Oct 2004, I get preggo with Tink, but don't know it until Dec. I have a rough pregnancy and spend almost half of it on bed rest. MIL tells me constantly it will be ok if I miscarry.

July 17, 2005 I delivered Tink. I thought I had loved before. I had no idea what a mother's love was all about!

May of 2007, we bought JP's grandparents cabin at Audra Park. We now have a place to get away from all the craziness of our every day lives. MIL shows up EVERY time we spend the weekend there.

Sept of 2007 we purchased my grandparents house in the country, next door to my parents. The house in town is still not finished being remodeled. We are currently trying to sell the house in town.

February 5, 2008, I had to have my sweet Noah put to sleep. MIL can't imagine why I am so upset, he was just a dog. JP holds me while I cry myself to sleep many nights.

July 2008 we finally took our first family vacation which could also be called our honeymoon, since we never took one when we got married.

Feb 2009, Tink is now 3 1/2. JP and I have been married for 7 1/2 years. Reese is totally JP's dog, he only likes Tink and I because we feed him. MIL is still a pain, I love her despite her faults. (She did give birth to hubbs and he has been trying harder with Tink lately.)

JP and I are still in love and he's still my best friend. We both realize we drive each other crazy sometimes but that's ok. Neither of us are perfect. Except me of course. I really am perfect.

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The Johnson 5 said...

I loved your story! Aren't you amazed how God brought you too back togehter. You had to go your own way and make mistakes to understand that he was and is the love of your life.

I'm glad that your mother in law is getting better, that has to be hard to have her saying negative things all the time.

Thanks for sharing "your story"