Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doggy update

Things are still interesting at our house.

Tink is still sick with her ears and has had a fever at some point every day for the past week. Last night we had to miss dance class because she had a fever. If this keeps up we are headed back to the doctor very soon. Although JP did have a virus week before last that caused him to have a fever every day for 10 days. I can't wait for warm weather so I can open my windows and air the house out. I just feel like the house is full of stale air and germs.

New dog, Bo, is doing a bit better. Did I mention his real name is Bocephus? Guess who the redneck is that named our dog that. Any guesses why I picked Tink's name and not daddy? Well, her real name isn't Tink as I'm sure you know. Daddy did give her the nickname Tink. I am totally off subject now.

Bo did really well last evening. He went outside often to go potty and ventured into the kitchen on the tile floor. We are trying to teach him his name and he is beginning to get it. He sits on command. If you have a treat and he knows you are talking to him. That's a start right?

I ventured out to the store for a few things and picked him up a more manly blue collar. The one from the shelter was pink and I thought maybe it was giving him a complex. He's still wearing the pink harness though, until I can locate our green one that Reese outgrew a few years back. Where did I put that?

The dogs are getting along pretty well now. They were both snuggled up against my legs for a bit this morning so I could love on them both. Reese has to have his share of attention when there is another dog around. I swear the little chub hasn't wanted a thing to do with me for a while now. In fact if I petted him he would get up and move so I couldn't reach him. Now a new dog is getting petted and Reese is all over me. Jealous brat. At least he's not mean about it.


Becky said...

We have had the same virus, amiya has had a fever off and on for over a week, I CANT WAIT UNTIL SPRING!!!

Glad to hear Bo is doing better!!

The Johnson 5 said...

I hope you get rid of all the funkyness soon! Last week we had 2 days of really nice weather and I finally got to open everything up and air out the house. Of course some things are starting to bloom, so after I let the fresh air in we all started sneezing.....damned if you do and damned if you don't :)

I'm so happy the dog is getting used to you all and you too him also.