Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tink has an owie!

Tink had a fever earlier this week and I stayed home with her on Monday and Tuesday. My nephews had a bug last week that was a fever only and were told to just stay home. When Tink had no other symptoms I assumed she had gotten it from them and her fever soon broke and she was feeling fine.

We are short staffed this week and I have been left to run my office alone since I came back on Wednesday. In fact the boss was upset that I had taken off on Mon and Tues and he had to come in and actually work those two days.

Mamaw called me at work a bit ago. She had taken my oldest nephew to his speech class and while waiting with Tink and the other nephew in the waiting area Tink started complaining about her ear hurting. Within the hour they were there she got worse and was crying by the time they got to the car. Mamaw called to let me know and then dropped her off at my office so I could check her out.

When I saw her I knew she was sick. My baby never cries or complains. The poor little thing just sat on my lap and cried "Owie Mommy, owie" and held her ear. Luckily my boss had just stopped by the office and I told him he would need to stay for a bit I was taking my baby to the doctor.

Tink has a double middle ear infection with her right ear drum bulging due to the amount of fluid behind it. Her ear drum will possibly rupture from the pressure. She has already started her antibiotics and motrin for the pain. I'm hoping she will start getting better soon.

I don't know how a kid can get bad so quickly! She never even mentioned having an ear ache, she went to dance class last night and had a great time and was fine when I left her this morning.


Rachael said...

lydia used to be the same way...fine one moment + sick as heck the next. hope tink feels better soon, double ear infections are no fun :(

The Johnson 5 said...

I'm sorry your baby is going through that. Those ear infections HURT!!

I'm glad your boss wasn't a jerk about you going.
The babies come first :)

Nana said...

Oh, poor kid. Those can be so terrible. Hope she is better soon!