Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's always a party.

Last night was my niece's 11'th birthday party. She's such a sweet girl. She's into the rocker stuff right now. I got her a couple of tops at RUE21. I got her the cutest black thermal top that had see through skulls all over it with a white tee to go over it that had a black and pink design that said Rocker and had skulls on it. Everyone at the party looked at me like I was nuts. It was her favorite gift. Yep, I'm the cool auntie who actually buys things that she likes.

This niece is Hubb's brother's daughter. Her party was at my MIL's house. Most of Hubb's family was there. His girl cousins can be a bit rude and snobby and of course my MIL is a real peach. The cousins are the type who always have perfect hair and clothes, their makeup has been professionally applied, they are a size 2, have new boobs and don't pay a bit of attention to their kids. Not really my type of girls. I'm more the world revolves around my kid, jeans and sweatshirt with running shoes, hair in a pony tail, give me mascara and lip balm and I'm set kinda girl. Thank god Hubb's brother and stepbrothers married nice girls that I just love. Jp's twin sister is a sweetie too. I have been truly blessed with 4 great SILs. Without my SILs I don't think I could handle family get togethers with Hubb's family.


Night before last we went to my cousin's house for my Grandpa's 89'th birthday. Now there's another interesting bunch of people. I'm sure no one cares how dysfunctional my family is. Let's just say Grandpa hadn't had a shower in about 2 weeks and I wouldn't let him hug on Tink, I told him her cough was contagious and he shouldn't get too close. Then when he blew out the candles on the cake I wouldn't let Tink eat any of it. We had ice cream instead. Trust me, I have my reasons.

Okay, this post isn't making me look good is it? I'm looking like the snobby bitchy one now.

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The Johnson 5 said...

I totally understand.

My grandma had a sister (god rest her soul) that used to walk by us and say "now baby, if you smell something that wasn't me!" and another favorite one was "come give Aunt Nett some sugar on the lips!" And if you didn't kiss her on the lips, she would get PISSED!!

I'm also not a fake boobs and no watching kids kind of person.

I can't even pretend to like people like that :)

And in the end honey, we will be the one's who win, now come give Aunt Nett some sugar!!

I know that was corny, but you just knew I was going there!!