Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What an evening.

Wow! I don't know what got into Tink yesterday. She was one wild woman last night.

Never mind. I know exactly what the problem was.

She played with these guys, the Mafia Brothers, all day yesterday. Hubbs was home sick on Friday and Monday, so I left Tink at home with him and I was home with her all weekend. So she had a nice break from playing with them. She was such a sweet kid, she said please and thank you and yes maam and was always wanting to help.
After spending all day at Mamaw's with the Mafia she was just wild. She came home in a bad mood with a smart mouth and wouldn't do a darned thing I asked her to do. I can't handle that. After many threats she was sent to time out a bit later she was again smart mouthing us. This got the tv turned off for the rest of the evening. She cried like I was torturing her.
Today the Mafia Brothers are at home with their mom, they are both sick. Hopefully, Tink will be in a good mood when I get home. Tonight is dance class night, so we will be busy trying to get home, clothes changed, dinner eaten and back across town for class within an hour and a half of getting off work. Not an easy task. We live 20 minutes from my office and 25 minutes from dance class. We usually walk in the dance studio door as class is just about to start.

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