Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh yeah.

I think I may have adopted ANOTHER pet last night.

I had just climbed into bed last night when I heard a commotion on my back porch. I had just sat a bag of trash out there a little earlier and JP hadn't put it in the trash can yet. I was sure it was a raccoon or an opossum or god forbid the black bear that has been spotted again recently looking for a snack. I snuck into my laundry room and flipped on the porch light.

There was the cutest black cat eating a piece of stale bread it had ripped out of the bag. Poor thing! I got a bowl and put some dog food in it and opened the door a crack to put it on the porch. The cat ran, but I heard it jump onto the porch a few minutes later. The food was gone this morning.

We live in the country with few neighbors and I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong to anyone close by. Guess I should put cat food on my shopping list tonight.

Now I'm worried about the little thing sleeping out in the cold. Maybe JP can build it a little house and fill it with straw.

Yes, yes I have totally lost my mind. I am such a glutton for punishment. I just love animals and kids so much. Have a dog, cat, kid you don't want anymore or need a break from? Just drop them off on my road or give me a call. I will either see them and pick them up or they will find their way to my porch, either way I will take them in.

JP doesn't even complain anymore, he just shakes his head and goes along with it. He has tried to discourage me before. Don't stop the car, those are coyote pups not dogs. Those kittens will be fine, we will never catch them anyway. That cat has the mange, you can see it from here. This kid isn't ours, why do we have him every weekend while his parents party? That dog is rabid, don't feed it. If you catch that rabbit at your office don't expect me to build it a cage. He knows it doesn't matter, I take them all in and find them a home if need be.


Toad's Lair said...

And I adore this about you.

The Johnson 5 said...

I thought you were just describing me :)