Friday, January 9, 2009


When I picked Tink up at my Mom's the other evening I was told that Tink had scolded my mom (Mamaw) that day.

Mamaw had apparently told one of my nephews to shut up. (I don't allow the words shut up at my house.)

Tink told Mamaw "My mother and I have had this discussion. We don't say shut up. That's a bad word. We say shhh or please be quiet. So don't say that anymore Mamaw. Okay?"

Mamaw agreed that it wasn't very nice to say and asked Tink to remind her if she heard her say it again.

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The Johnson 5 said...

My middle son told my brother that one time when we went back to Louisiana for a visit. My brother (who was about 16 at the time) was on the phone with his friend and said "dude just SHUT UP" my son ran over to him and said, uncle Erik, do you want hot pepper in your mouth?
You better not say THAT word again or you will get it young man!!