Monday, January 19, 2009

Now what?

I have been unhappy at my job for some time now. Well, since I had to leave my baby and go back to work when she was 7 months old. It is more than just being away from Tink though. The work environment of my office changed while I was away.

Even though I have been unhappy I have stuck it out and stayed here because they are good about me bringing her in to the office or staying home with her when I need to.

Today I took the first step toward finding a new job. I sent out four resumes for positions at bigger companies. I am scared to death. I am scared they will call and I will have the chance to change jobs. At the same time I am scared they won't call and I will be stuck here in the job I am unhappy with.

If my current boss finds out I am looking for a new job he will give me a bad reference and then fire me on the spot. He's just spiteful like that. (One of the reasons I am unhappy here.) (Did I mention that he is a pig and sends me offensive emails all the time and is a racist to boot?)

Have I done the right thing? I know I need to get out of here. What am I going to do now? I am so worried right now.

I know that if I simply put this into God's hands the right thing will happen. So, here you go God. It's all up to you now.


The Johnson 5 said...

Your doing the right thing!!

Change is always hard.
Painful even.
But in the long run, you know nothing at your work is going to change. So you need to make yourself happy....

Michelle said...

Life is too short to work in a job that makes you unhappy.

Your boss has to be very careful about what he says about you.

My dad is a business owner and he never ever bad mouths an employee for fear of being sued for slander.

I know change is scary, but it sounds like something you need to do.

Good luck!