Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't trust the twirling dancer with the shifty eyes!!!

Tink and my oldest nephew, Chase 4, are running their own little mafia out of the playroom at Mamaw's.

Here's how the first hit went down:

Tink and Chase were playing in the playroom, but banished younger nephew, Hunter 2, to the living room.

Later Tink started coming to the living room where Mamaw was in the recliner doing a crossword in the newspaper. She would peek at Mamaw and then run back down the hall to the playroom.

When Mamaw finished the puzzle Tink started asking questions. "Mamaw aren't you going to read your paper anymore?" "Finish reading your paper." All the while she kept looking down the hall.

Mamaw was a bit suspicious. "Are you up to something?"

"Nope. Wanna watch me twirl around?"

Hunter had wandered down the hall and came out of the playroom crying. Chase was right behind him laughing.

Tink immediately fessed up. "I was distracting you so Chase could hit Hunter."

Chase was very proud and took full responsibility for the entire plan.

Tink and Chase were both put in timeout.

When I got home I talked to Tink about going along with the plans of her big cousin. Next time she will be in BIG trouble when I get home. I swear that nephew of mine is going to be planning bank heists by the time he's 10! If he has his way Tink will be the lookout and get away driver.

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