Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just for me

A while back Tia at http://www.clevergirlgoesblog.com/ had a delurking contest. I was one of her winners. I never win anything, so I was a bit shocked. I received an Amazon gift card from her soon after. I told myself I would only use the card to buy something for myself.

This is harder than it sounds. I have a really hard time buying things for myself. Every time I went online to use the card I ended up looking at things for Tink or JP.

Tink would really like a Hannah Montana cd. Or a DS game. Ohhh, how about a Fancy Nancy book!

JP needs another controller for his Wii. I could get him a new game for it. Or the gun he needs to play the hunting games I got him for Christmas.

I would have these things in my shopping cart. Then I would remember...I am supposed to be spending this on MYSELF!!!

Today I finally did it. I ordered this

It is written by Courtney over at http://blog.cjanerun.com/ The proceeds go to help her sister Stephanie at http://nieniedialogues.com/ I can't wait to read it!!!


Michelle said...

congrats on your win!

Becky said...

Way to go, and way to go and buying something for YOU for a change!!!

Now go snuggle up somewhere and make sure you drive carefully, this weather stinks big time!