Thursday, January 29, 2009

I need ideas!!!

I was talking to Hubbs last night. He says we are going on vacation this summer, which is news to me.
He thinks Ocean City, MD is a good choice. That is the same beach we went to last summer. I do love Ocean City, but I also feel like we may be missing out on other fun places if we keep going back to the same place every year.
I suggested maybe Niagra Falls, NY. He would prefer Ocean City over Niagra. We want to wait a couple more years before we visit Disney. I am out of ideas.
Any Atlantic Ocean beach ideas? Or other ideas that we can drive to from WV?


Michelle said...

A lot of my friends go to Hilton Head Beach. But I have no idea what kind of a drive that would be for you.

Mariel said...

I agree with you on Niagra Falls. Beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh ooh, go to Oak Island, NC we are going in June, email me if you want a link to a great rental company!!!!

BTW I nominated you for an award, go to my blog and grab it!

Love ya!!!